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From where do you buy fish? Supermarket, fish market, from fish sellers that come to your village? We normally buy fish from the fish market. But sometimes my father goes to the beach to buy fish. That is near the fishery harbor of Ambalangoda. Boatmen sell new fish from their boats to the buyers there.


These buyers are normally those who resell fish or people from nearby villages. Resellers come to collect fish in large quantities and they pack them in rigifoam boxes. If they take them to a faraway place, then they make sure to add ice cubes to the boxes. Still, they are selling them to nearby towns.

Big lorries come to buy fish from the beach market too. They buy in large quantities. Normally they have cooler/ refrigerator facilities in the lorries themselves. They take fish to the upcountry where there is no sea. As this is a small island, you can reach the beach within few hours from each direction. So, fresh fish are available everywhere.

But I should say, we can buy fresh fish at a lower price from these markets. Apart from Ambalangoda, Dodanduwa, Hikkaduwa and Balapitiya towns also have similar beach markets nearby. If you need fish for a business, function like a wedding or party these are the perfect places to buy fish at lower prices. And especially they are fresh.


You need to know something. Though fish were taken to the land at that point, not all the fish sells there are freshly harvested. You know there are boats that go to catch fish for a long duration. They are large and stay on the sea for weeks. We call them " ටැංකි බෝට්ටු" in Sinhala. They have deep freezers in the boats themselves. So fish that come from those boats are not from yesterday's fish harvest.


If you need fresh fish, you need to select a harvest from a daily boat or canoe. They don't stay on the sea for days. Boats depart from the land in the evening, reach land again in the morning. And boats depart in the morning, come back in the evening. So, these fish are fresh. They use methods like "පුඩු පන්න" for this. These methods do not affect the environment that much as they catch fish in small quantities.


If you don't know how to find fish from these everyday boats here are some tips for you. The eyes of the fish turn red when time passes. So red eye means fish is not fresh. New fish has undamaged, shiny skin. If you press its body with a fingertip it should go down as pressure applies and come back to its original position as pressure releases. If it remains in the pressed position then the fish is not fresh. If fish is not pressing at all, they have injected something to keep their form. Maybe Formaline.


Today I visit the beach fish market near the fishery harbor of Ambalangoda. I went there with the intention of taking some photos. But I was too afraid for that after seeing the crowd there. So these are just paparazzi shots of the market which were taken without getting caught. 😁


We also buy fish from Dodanduwa fish market, when we have a function.

We have done the same when we had a function.

Actually there is only one we can buy new fish. That is Dodamduwa Fish Harbour. But you have to there around 6. 30 am.

‌We have bought fish from that market too. yeah, we have to be there early in the morning. same here.

A long interesting post. This is which we cannot experience. We buy fish from fish sellers who come to our village or from fish stalls at town.

but you have waw malu. you can buy freshly caught waw malu instead of muhudu malu.

I have a friend on campus in Ambalangoda. One day we went her house for funeral.

does she live in the town?

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ඉරටවල්ලො දෙන්නෙක් ඉන්නව දෙන්නද නෝනා?අන්තිම දෙන්න අඩු කරල දෙන්නම්..

මාලු කන්නේ නෑනෙ මහත්තයා.

මට මතකයි ඔය දාන වලට ඒම මාළු ගන්න ගියා ඔහේ 🤭

අපිත් ඒ වෙලාවට එතනින් ගන්නේ. ඒ නැතත් සමහර වෙලාවට ඔතනින් ගන්නවා.

But I was too afraid for that after seeing the crowd there. So these are just paparazzi shots of the market which were taken without getting caught.

Some tough task 🥴

yeah. especially near a fish market. 🙊

We normally buy fish from fish sellers that come to our village. But if there is a function like alms giving or something we need large amount of fish we buy fish from beach near to the fishery harbour Galle. You are so close to the costal area and you will be able to buy fresh fish as always neh. 🐟

we normally buy them from the market unless we have a function. but sometimes go to the beach even in normal days.

i bought fish that comes to dasa, but to walk the beach too far to get fresh fish, but they also bring fresh fish even though the market comes to dasa too

what is dasa? is that the same as the fish market?

too excited dasa i mean village, sorry

paparazzi shots of the market which were taken without getting caught. 😁 - @randulakoralage නේද මේවා කියලා දුන්නේ...

wenama lecture ekak ganna ona.

Sometimes we also go there at the morning when we want to buy a large quantity. I have never selected fish for buying before.

Malu torannat dannwada dn 🤣🤣. Mewata monwa kiyannada itin.

තොරන්න දන්නවා කන්නේ නැති වුණාට. සිගරට් හදන්න දන්න අය බොන්නේ නෑ කියනවනේ. ඒ වගේ තමයි. 😆

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