We ❤️❤️❤️ Power-Up | Let's do | 10% for SL Charity 💐💐💐

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We Love Power-Up !!!


Hi guys,

Hope all are fine & safe with this Covid-19 pandemic.

At initial stage I didn’t had clear knowledge about power-up or to how to build up my account in proper manner. But there were many good discussions with our members about this topic. Mostly by @randulakoralage & @damith 💐💐💐. They always helping and encouraging new comers without any hesitation. Many credits must goes to them for doing that. Also I went through few article have posted in Steemit. Such as 11 Reasons to Power UP STEEM and SBD posted by @paulag.

Welcome to steemit.jpg

What I like most ???

No doubt…It is SPUD4STEEM. Since many of our members participating to that contest, I also wanted to do that. So increased my Steem Power up 500 to fulfil the eligibility requirement there.


On 28th March 2021 I joined with this platform and June 2021 I could achieved 500 SP. So same month I put My 1st Entry to the SPUD4STEEM & with 8.6% increment of my SP. After that I continuously participated to the SPUD4STEEM. I saw some friends wining there, and I also wanted won a place. Somehow I won the 5th place at the SPUD @ October 2021. That was such an amazing moment for me. And it was encouraged me to do more. So Why I don’t? My Stats in SPUD4STEEM are given below.


Welcome to steemit.jpg

Do more Power-Up…

Today also want to increase my SP. So I have 135.36 steems with me. The let’s do it.

My Wallet before power up.


My Wallet after power up.

steem 2.JPG

after PU.JPG

Welcome to steemit.jpg

Let’s make our community much stronger…

I think this another responsibility of us. After the power-up my next step to delegate some SP our Steem Sri Lanka. Previously it was 1000SP now it is 1125 SP.


Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day.

Welcome to steemit.jpg


You're doing great bro. Increasing our sp is a really good thing.😉😁👌

Thank you malli...Your my strength

Wow.. you've kept your stup4steem stats.. that's cool.. congrats again..

Yes yes.... We have keep what we have done...

We can see how much our members love to powerup at the 1st day of the month. Well done ayya 😍👏.

We love power up....
Well done ayya 😍👏

Thank you nangi...

Such as 11 Reasons to Power UP STEEM and SBD posted by @paulag.

old steemit articles are meaningful

keep powering up

You are always helping us. Thank you nangi...

Power up is the best way for us to be strong in the Steemit platform.💪 Keep Powering up 💪

We love Power up ....

Very good work ayye.... 💪 powering up build a strong steemit account.

Thank you very much nangi...

Woow aiye.. you have done a great job. Powering up is really important . Keep powering up🤗

Thank you nangi..

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