Urban Vegetable Garden | A great way to use abandoned Land!

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Getting to see an urban garden in my city is nearly impossible. When I found this place it really amazed me. Not just because of seeing the greens but because of how we came up with such a wonderful idea!


I'm talking about Dhaka-Bangladesh. And if you any idea how crowded, unplanned, polluted this place is then you know why I'm saying this. I'm not here to talk negatively about my country but sometimes it feels suffocating for sure. There are buildings and highrises everywhere. Even if anyone wants to garden, do something for the environment; the system makes it nearly impossible to do so.

But this area where I recently moved came up with this great idea. It's an abandoned land or I would say this plot is already sold and waiting to build a highrise there. The owner thought to use the land for the best. And because of this winter, it's like a win for them.




They had Turnip, Coliflour, Cauliflower, Tomato, Cilli, Spinach and Taro leaves. All of the vegetables grow so well, I was really amazed. I can guess how better they taste than then what we get from the market.

I visited the place two times, not like I had any job there but I thought to take the road so I can see how they are growing. It may sound really fullish to you. But if you get to see buildings after buildings without any tree then you will understand why a simple garden made me so surprised.

I wish we have some more urban gardens around.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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They looks growing well. Luckily we have a large garden to plant. But in urban areas this is very difficult. In Dhaka as it is the capital city I can imagine how much crowded it is

That sounds amazing. I would love to see your garden 😊
I wish we had a better, planned city. But that's only what I can wish...

. I would love to see your garden 😊

I'll write about. These days it is so sunny. So the ground and plants look dry. But I can take some photos in the morning😀

Great work! 😃

Thanks a lot :)

Wow, It is small but very fertile.

Yes, our land is very fertile but unfortunately, we don't have much left in the city.

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