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in Steem Sri Lanka4 months ago

spud4steem November completed with 5 awesome winners!


I am so happy to be a sponsor of #spud4steem, one of the largest worldwide events in steemit.

@alaraf from Bangaladesh won 5th place. Now he is all set with his prize 1500SP delegation.
Congratulations @alaraf !



@alaraf is an active poster in steemit, we believe he will spend his 21days wisely.

And my friend @kiwiscanfly and his cat completed another successful power-up day! 👏🏼👏🏼

See you again on December 1st #spud4steem

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Stats and Graphics by @kiwiscanfly



Congratulations, @theguruasia You Successfully Trended The Post Shared By @randulakoralage.
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Many congratulations to all. Good Luck
Thanks for shairng

You are doing great work. Thanks for your efforts.

Thank you for delegation.i'll try my best

Thanks for your kind support and great job


Congratulations @randulakoralage, You Earned 1.988 TAN Sent To Your @randulakoralage At HIVE Chain & Curators Made 1.988 TAN.


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TAN Current Market Price : 0.300 HIVE