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RE: Steem Sri Lanka - Contest Series | Week 04 | FAVOURITE CHILDHOOD MOVIE |

in Steem Sri Lanka2 years ago

@msharif, @mgaft1, @stive1, @raquelsiso1, @inudi, @germani34, @marcybetancourt, @jacorv, @deathtox, @vaibhavsan, @netflixr, @gooddream, @celi130, @badfinger @lighteye, @pusidu @dilshan96..

Just mentioning in case you didn't see this post, no means of disturbance. Here I'm trying to get more people engaged with movies by doing a small contest here in my local community, you guys are welcome to participate. Feel free to do an entry! 😃


Si va Bro! Ya reviso <3

@praveenw96 puedo publicar en cualquier comunidad?

No mate it's mandatory that your entry should be in this community. I'm sorry.

Anyone is welcome to post here as I know 🤔

Claro, era para confirmar jeje! Gracias Bro!

Bro ya hice el contenido de la publicación, pero me fijé que era hasta el 7 las entradas. Avisame para concursar en la próxima entrega, si?

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