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Hello my fellow steemians,

Good evening guys. How are you? I hope you are living very well. I do not want to say anything strange about the recent pandemic situation .But many people had the opportunity to stay at home. It provided an opportunity for busy people to get involved in various family activities. In such a situation, I and the rest of the family had the opportunity to grow some vegetables from the small space in our garden.



I have mentioned about home gardening in several articles before. In some of the content I presented how to cultivate them and what instructions we should follow. Of course we only have a very small space. There is no room for large scale cultivation in our land. But I was fascinated by how cleverly our parents used that small amount of space. We took their advice and acted accordingly.


I have seen many women in today's society go to the grocery stores and buy from them. In the grocery store there are vegetables that have been fertilized using chemical fertilizers. None of them are nutritious. And there is no shortage of prices. How we spend money in vain and create things that are bad for our own health is a very serious matter.


Recently, the number of natural disasters in Sri Lanka per year has increased. This is a problem faced by many countries in the world. When such natural disasters occur, we often hear about human lives and property damage. Natural disasters cause similar damage to agriculture. It is not possible to say exactly what vegetable crops will be damaged by the disaster and the conditions associated with it.


Your efforts will never be in vain. There are plenty of ways to grow small plots. There is plenty of space to grow vegetable seeds in plastic containers and plastic containers. It is not at all difficult to get great results from this small space. I express it in my experience.


Some time ago, farmers obtained vegetable seeds by using a portion of their produce for vegetable seeds. The seeds of many crops such as brinjal, chili, tomato, bitter gourd, potato, and weed were obtained by preserving the fertile fruits and obtaining their seeds.


You can easily see how these nutritious vegetables and greens are grown in our small garden. They do not require much sacrifice to reap the benefits. Because we are not doing this for commercial purposes. This provides a great foundation for saving our money and improving our physical health.


In today's society all people are busy and they think that this busyness is not enough for other work. In some cases it even applies to me. But I will not hesitate to get it wherever the opportunity arises. Some vegetables do not grow easily in the areas where we live. In such a situation we have to buy the relevant vegetables from the market. But why are you so late to grow vegetables and corps that are easily grown in our area?


Many complain that they do not have enough space to cultivate. But there are plenty of simple tricks to it. You can get information from them in books or online or from Agrarian Services Advisors. So do not be weak at all. You should definitely take advantage of the opportunity. Give your support to a useful task, even a small break. It will surely be a great comfort to future generations and to present generations.

Thanks for visiting. Have a successful day.


Luckily I am having a big garden. We also grew lots of vegetable during quarantine vacation. These days we eat almost all vegetable homegrown. Later when we moved to different places, so we couldn't feed them well. 🥺

Luckily I am having a big garden.

Omg it's glad to hear.

That is interesting. Due to lack of space and time we also used to buy vegetables from market. Quarantine taught us lot. We focused on home cultivation. That was really good for physical health and mental health


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