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Making pizza was like a goal for me. So, yesterday was the day. Finally my pizza making dream came true. It's been a while since I bought my oven. I tried making cakes. This is the first time I tried a different recipe. This is how I made my pizza.

Ingredients I used for the pizza

Pizza sauce

Tomato sauce

I did a little experiment. First I blanched some tomatoes. Then I smashed it and blended it with garlic. Then I heated it and added tomato sauce, sugar and salt. Then I got a thick and rich looking pizza sauce.


Pizza dough

Warm Milk
All purpose flour 2 cups
Magarine insted of olive oil. (I couldn't find olive oil)

I added all the ingredients to a ball. Mixed the dough and set it for 1 hour .



Sausages stir-fried with chillie powder
Mozarella cheese.

I don't like capsicums on Pizza and I dont like to put too much topings. I like to have it with more cheese.


After one hour

I took the pizza oven and greased with Magarine. Then spreaded the dough. I made some holes on the dough. Applied the pizza sauce. Spreaded cheese. Put toppings and more cheese.


Next time I should use mushroom and olives.

Meanwhile I set the oven for pre heat 180°c for 15 minutes. I baked the pizza for 20 minutes under 180°c.


I kept my eye on the pizza until the alram rings. The cooking Smell was soo good.

Tasting time

I was the first one tried. Honestly it tasted good. The sauce was soo good. My brother also liked it 😅. First try is not bad. As I was generous enough to put half of the mozarella block on the pizza it was cheesy as I need.


Problems I faced

The type of yeast I used was not good enough to poof as I needed. So the crust was thinner than I expected.

The cheese I used is kotmale mozarella cheese but it was not stretching like pizza hut pizza 🤔.

Overall it's a good try because I didn't waste anything and get no any health issues. 😅😅

Too much pizza is not good at all. So I'm going to try again next month.


Its looking good and mouth watering. 🤤🤤🤤
Your 1st attempt was really successful. 😍

🙊🙊 Thank you.. it was good

Island wide delivery නැද්ද මෙහෙට ගෙන්නගන්න 🤭

දැන් පිසා හැදුවේ නැති උනොත් කොන්ඩේ වෙන සීන් එකක් තින්නේ 😂😂

Ubereats islandwide දැම්මොත් එවන්නම් 😅. කොන් වෙන්න බැරි හින්දා හැදුවා මාත්

konde wenawa kiwwe mokakda 😁

Mmm it's looking tasty 😋😋, man vitrda dan pizza hadala naththe 😂😂😂

ඉක්කන්ට හදන්න මල්ලි එහෙනම් 😅

Akka's pizza 🍕

Highly recommended 🤭🖐️

හෙට හදන්නේ නෑ 😌

apith hadanawa gedara. mara rahay gedara haduwama. aye dawasak hadanna ona. raha patay 🥰

Gedara hadana eka thami hodama. Ow hadnnako langadim 🥰

Delivery Karanavada ?

apee geadara godak aya vegi nisa godak welawata wena elawalu jathi danawa. eth kade ewata wada nm honda rahata thiyenawaa. meekath rasa paatai. 💖

Matath oni fully vegetarian pizza ekak hdnna . Eth cheese nm dnna wenw itin 🙊

Lassanai... Kolapata monawa hari thibbanm thawath lassanai...

ඒකනේ ග්‍රීන් bellpepper දාන්න ඕනි ඊළඟ පාර

Today my father went Rathnapura, I asked him to bring a Pizza from Rathnapura Pizza shop.

We don't have popular pizza places here . So homemade is the only option

Mama vitharada thama pizza hadanna try kare naththe....🙊🙊 meka rasa patai 😍

Ikmnta hdnna sandupi oyt 🙈

Wow. Sure that your family members enjoyed it.

Yes they did 🙈

Most of the time, the hardest thing is to make the dough softly. Were you able to make it well? Anyway, this looks delicious .I want to try it again today.🙊

Nope the dough didn't came well as I want. I think there's something wrong with yeast.

හැමෝම උයනවා.. අපි කෙලගිලිනවා..

😅😅😅😅 aiyath bahinna uyana wedet

Kana ayata sorry thamai...

Beautiful post from your side keep posting

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