Ensure the inner peace | #2 Release the stress

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Stress is so irritating. Nowadays everyone is busy with their works which is so stressful. It’s important to get out of it otherwise you will end up in being patients. You can do it by yourself. There’s number of things that you can follow. First you have to plan everything well and give priority for your most.

Do some changes in your life style

No matter how busy you are, reserve some time for yourself. Give your life a break. Try to start a hobby or engage in some leisure time activities. For an example you can start reading books, gardening, without ordering food from outside you can try a recipe by yourself or else you can, try to draw something you like. Drawing is a best method of relaxation. (personally I do try it)

Take a balanced diet

Avoid carbs, sweets and fat rich food, in addition eat more greens and fruits also don’t forget to drink much water.
Over consumption of food as well as lower consumption of food can cause stress.
Irregular and wrong food patterns causes for several diseases and it indirectly impacts for mental stress.


Chat with a companion

If something hurts you a lot, if you have a fear or suspicion, reserve some time to speak it with your closest friend or companion. That person should be ready to listen and after explaining your problem you will feel much better.

Meditation and yoga

Meditation helps to concentrate your mind to be relax. Through that you can face your problems in a clear mind and find a good solution. You don’t need money to meditate all you need is some time and a peaceful environment. Yoga gives the same relief as meditation.

Spend a vacation

Try to be away from your busy life style and go on vacation at least once a month. This helps a lot to reduce mental stress.

Live in your own fantasy world

All you need is a peaceful environment and a comfortable seat. What you have to do is just be seated comfortably, close your eyes and reach your favorite place or environment from your mind and spend time happily. Keep your body relaxed within this time.

In addition, you can try following things as well,
• Be outside in nature
• Keep a journal/write a diary
• Avoid social comparisons
• Improve your posture and body language
• Make a list of feel-good songs
• Take breaks off social media and your phone
• Talk to yourself kindly
• Distance yourself from things that don’t feel good
• Spend time with empowering people.

You can see the first part of this article through the below link,


I hope that this article will be helpful at least a little bit to overcome your stress. Try following the methods
And comment your ideas below. Enjoy your reading

Stay safe !!

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Interesting ..
keep writing @madhumunasinghe

Informative.. Hope to see more articles on similar topics 😍

Yeah @pusidu Im interested in this subject ☺️ hope to write more on this

 6 months ago 

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Well, you have started with a nice series of articles. I guess you are following the subject.

Live in your own fantasy world

This is the best thing to create our own world. But shouldn't forget to be happy with the little things we have

Well yes @damithudaya i'm interested in this subject ☺️.Life is not hard if we try to find happiness in every little thing and moment.And of course living in our own fantacy world is a wonderful experience. ☺️☺️

There are a lot of things I took from this. ❤ keep writing about this subject dear.. Love to read more.😍


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