River of Affection

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(This is my first Post to Steemit. Here i'm writing.)

Dried up the River of Affection & it will never fill up again.

My mother expired two weeks ago, on 6th February. Preaching ("Mathaka bana") & alms giving took place last weekend at her residence ( Maha Gedara).


She was 89 years old & have been suffering from heart failure. It was fifth time she experienced MI. This time when she feel a chest pain, an Ambulance has been called. Within thirty minutes when admitting, she has passed away.

It was not easy to get release the corpse because a PCR test had been done at General Hospital, Kuliyapitiya. Sample had been sent to District Hospital, Kurunegala. Hence, we had to wait for the test result. Fortunately PCR result was negative. If it was positive, it could not be able to have a funeral to pay her the last respect.


Amma was a school teacher. So, many past students visited Mahagedara to pay her their last respect. From the moment the Body has been released, a lot of people came constantly until Mid Night of 7th February. We all were very tired throughout the whole night. We had to welcome visiters, to speak & treat them well. Visitors were given biscuts & nescafe as well as dinner.

Amma has four children. Two males & two females. Nangi lives in Canada from her marriage. She was unable to attend to Amma's funeral due to the current Covid 19 situation. The other three children were there.


We live at own place at Anuradhapura, the ancient kingdom. So, I met a lot of my relatives, Friends & neighbours at the funeral & at the preachings also after a long time.


she has passed away.

hello @champikawije65, first I should say I feel so sorry about it.
n warmly welcome to the steemit and wishing you a successful journey in steemit. ❤💕

Thanx a lot dear for ur warm welcome.

Welcome to the Steemit.

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Thanx a lot.

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Thank u v. much for ur warm welcome.

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