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Humanity's beauty is rapidly vanishing. Life's beauty has been replaced with ugliness, and the ugly isn't only ugly. Ugliness is the absence of a lovely image. The beauty of the land that God created from the beginning has been preserved through flowers and butterflies (in ancient times, the human soul was not accidentally likened to a butterfly). Butterflies have an amazing property that no one else knows about.


They retain their beauty after death, signifying that they are still alive. Death is the loss of life; nevertheless, when life does not die, its beauty is retained indefinitely. As a result, butterflies have always been and will continue to be human gateways to the Primordial World. The second trait of butterflies is that their wings are painted with all of the colours of the sky, from bright white to delicate turquoise to black and stormy.


As a result, butterflies have been and will continue to be sky-inspired picture subjects. Contemplating the beauty of a butterfly is similar to contemplating the sky, both of which are necessary for everyone. Butterflies, like everything else in nature, are not a lost cause; unlike humans, they have remained in the Creator's will. They serve as a living reminder of the Kingdom of Heaven as a result.


And how can you catch insects that don't descend to the ground? It's an uncommon occurrence when they do descend. During the dry season in Africa, when there are no blossoming plants, some insects feed on animal carcasses for protein and mineral salts. You should be familiar with the behaviour of various insects in general; otherwise, they may go unnoticed and uncollected.


You can capture them here using a net. Butterflies can fly for hours longer than planes can. There are a few exceptions to this rule. One of them has something to do with Eugene Le Multa, whose novel had such an impression on me as a kid. (He was the owner of the world's largest private butterfly collection and the world's foremost butterfly trader, and he was a classic of French entomology.)

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