Photo's of my Puss - increase the price of Steem

in NO CATS4 years ago (edited)

With the world going crazy over virus's and stock market crashes, there is really only one certain thing we can count on....The puss ain't stressing!.

This is my first cat community post, I'm still not sure I have worked out the whole community thing, but I sure do like pictures of cats, so here is mine.

Her name is Trixie and she doesn't stress about things like Steem take overs or global conspiracies. If only I was more like my cat.

Happy Steeming Trix.


Shes beautiful 🐈🐈🐈🐈

She is indeed - I will pass on your compliment in the form of more patting haha. Thanks muchly :)

Finally; a post I can't argue with.
Keep it real, Trix; keep it real.

Good old trix puss - the calm in the storm.

Looks like Trixie has a pretty comfy spot in that first picture. lol. :)

Haha so comfy --- Yeah she works pretty hard at getting her stomach scratched...I understand its a bit unusual for cats (more of a dog thing to get stomach scratch), but she enjoys it.

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