Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge Sneak Time

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Oh boy it was time to be sneaky. Sneak has been around the whole time and we all love it and hate it. It is funny when you are not ready for it and sneak monsters kill you easily. But then again to watch them run into a wall you set up and get nothing done is also fun. In this video, I show you some good setups to win a few battles. It was a lot of fun this season and I made it to Champion 1 for the first time in months. I hope you are getting a lot out of the game and ready for what is coming.

I have my video up on D.tube, 3speak and Libary so if you can go to any of those and support me that is also cool. But no worries the goal of those is just to spread the game. Make sure you give the challange a try. It is a nice way to earn some extra rewards. Take care all if you are in the US a lot is going on right now. Also thanks one more time for those that support my stuff.

I also have a giveaway that was due a few days ago sorry I am late but the winner is.

20200531 13_44_18Wheel of Names _ Random name picker.png

Congrats @wilhb81 tokens send on Hive.

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