Sol Invictus // Solstice Ritual of Draykh-Nahka // Official Music for Splinterlands

in Splinterlands3 years ago (edited)

Click the pic to listen

When I post these, they aren't the final mixes. @harrisonmir does the final mixing and mastering. So I'm just posting my rough mixes. I'm working on 4 Splinterlands songs right now because I'm avoiding doing rough mixes to post them ... because I suck at mixing lol.
When you have like 100 sounds going on at once things can get pretty messy really fast ... battling frequencies ... mostly in the low mids.
Anyhoo ... it's been a rough time with the HF, the pandemic quarantine, adjusting to working from home, and dealing with my eldest cat's end of life.
So, I'll do my best to mix those others as soon as possible.
I like this one because to me, it is simultaneously creepy and uplifting.

Artwork created with Artbreeder, Photoshop, and ON1FX


Beautiful SONG!!!! There is a lot of dark atmosphere! The platform where you put the song is also beautiful. Is it a blockchain-based platform?

Hi Isaria, it is nice to see your creative side on Steem. Having the lock down can give another opportunity for creative people to concentrate more on their works and I bet in your case you will be productive. Also this is another reason to be distracted from all the worries around us. Take care and stay healthy :)

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