I made it to Diamond1 with time to spare

in Splinterlandslast year


I'm excited to say that I made it to Diamond I for the first time in my short Splinterlands career. This achievement represents my highest points tally since I started playing the game sometime in March, and it is quite a big deal for me.

In typical Splinterlands style, it has been one hell of a journey, with a lot of back and forward movement that ultimately led to stagnation. I started the season in GoldIII because last season I finished in DiamondIII and with the way I was constantly getting beat, I never expected I'd get this far.

The next target is to consolidate and achieve the daunting task of making it to Champion III. I've run into a couple of players in this my current category that overwhelmed me, while others, I surprisingly beat. The major task for me now is devising a strategy that will suffice against opponents that have way better cards than me in the battle.

Nothing is promised in Splinterlands, and if you snooze, you lose. In reality, there's a higher possibility of dropping down the ranks, than actually moving up. With that said, this is my highest climb up the ladder since I started playing, and I'm happy about this progress. Knowing I could climb this high up is motivation to keep striving for more.

See you on the battlefield.