Awesome Weekly Spotlight #47 - Plus Payouts To Delegators

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Note: This project will be moving to Hive from Monday March 23, 2020, and we will curate only on Hive from that time, except for CTPtalk posts since they are Steem-engine based. More details in this post, Announcement: @thisisawesome Is Moving To Hive.

Second note: This is posted one day late and so are the transactions due the Steem blockchain went offline Sunday evening for a long while.

This Is Awesome

Welcome to Awesome Weekly Spotlight #47, and it will feature the Awesome Daily Spotlight posts of the past week.

Awesome Weekly Spotlight Week 12

So let's start, and they will be presented in the order of Monday to Sunday, depending on the day they got the Awesome Daily Spotlight.

Monday: Time to show support to Dtube and other Dapps || Daily Vlog

  • In this video @priyanarc talks about the undelegation that JS made for dApps including DTube and encouraging us to support it, check it out it's awesome.

Screenshot from Steempeak

Tuesday: It's Crypto Mondays - Is A Steem HardFork Coming?

  • This video was made by @jongolson and it's the recording of a liveshow he made with @blainjones and here they talk about the then upcoming Steem hardfork to Hive, it's awesome check it out.

Screenshot from Steempeak

Wednesday: 🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 18.03.2020

  • This video was made by @cryptospa and it's his Cryptocurrency Market Overview and here he talks about Hive, and the state of the crypto market and the Corona virus, and what impact all of this might have, check it out it's awesome.

Screenshot from Steempeak

Thursday: Less than 18 hours from now and...counting...We can learn from our mistakes...

  • This post was made by @mindtrap and here he writes about what he wants the Hive hardfork to accomplish, it's awesome check it out.

Screenshot from Steempeak

Friday: Announcement: @thisisawesome Is Moving To Hive

  • This was the day of the hardfork and we did not do any curation, so this post is our announcement that we are moving to Hive.

Screenshot from PeakD

Saturday: If you want to see the change then be the Change

  • This video was made by @alokkumar121 and here he talks about that if we want change to happen we need to be the change, just awesome.

Screenshot from Steempeak

Sunday: End well that all well. Let's talk about it

  • This video was made by @certain and here he gives his view on the split between Steem and Hive, check it out it's awesome.

Screenshot from Steempeak

Thank You!

So these where the Awesome Daily Spotlight posts and videos this week, and there is 1 such post or video per day, it gets a 100% upvote and resteem, and it is featured in the Awesome Daily report as well as in this Awesome Weekly Spotlight post, plus it also gets promoted on Twitter.

Thank you very much for reading this post and for supporting this project, it is run by @flaxz, and @ph1102 is our moderator for CTP, and @pixiepost and @russellstockley is our moderators for #2020vision, and the goal is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Steem ecosystem by rewarding it".

Payouts To Delegators

Note: Check our announcement in the post linked at the beginning of this post to for more details, we no longer make any new lease of Steem Power, and SBD gets converted on the blockchain instead of the Steemitwallet market.

In order to attract delegations to this project we reward them with Weekly payouts in Steem, and 100% of all liquid Steem and SBD earnings will go to rewarding delegators this way, plus we also give out 30% of our weekly power down income to our delegators, and the other 70% of that power down will be used to lease Steem Power.

So on Sundays all SBD will be traded for Steem in the Steemitwallet market, and the Steem that has then been earned that week will be split between delegators according to their delegation level, and we keep track of those delegations in our Awesome Daily reports, and that is then used to determine the average delegation for each delegator, and you can check the latest Awesome Daily report here, and leased Steem Power does not count for any rewards.

We have also started to give out 50% of our CTP token earnings to SP delegators, the other 50% will be staked, this is a high value token, and giving out 50% makes it more attractive to delegate and as we stake the other 50% we continue to build our stake in that token and our CTP voting value, and @flaxz does not get a payout in CTP tokens.

This Is The Payouts For This Weeks Delegations

Note: Due to the outage of the Steem blockchain on Sunday evening we could not make the payouts, so this is one day late, and we are using the status of our wallet as it was on Sunday evening for the calculations (which was made just before the outage), and what has arrived in our wallet since then will be paid out the coming Sunday, this is also what is most fair to all delegators.

The standing in our account right now is 4.681 Steem, and we had a roll over from last week of 0.005 Steem and that means this weeks earnings is 4.676 Steem, but only 4.677 Steem can be paid out, so 0.004 Steem will roll over to the next week.

We also had earnings of 926 CTP tokens of which 50% will be paid out to our delegators and the other 50% will be staked, and that means 463 CTP tokens to be split between our delegators.

Screenshot from Google Drive

NameAverage Delegation SPSteem PayoutCTP Payout
@cryptospa432 SP0.362 Steem39.678 CTP
@alokkumar121651 SP0.544 Steem59.793 CTP
@flaxz551 SP0.461 Steem0 CTP
@fiberfrau50 SP0.042 Steem4.592 CTP
@certain225 SP0.188 Steem20.665 CTP
@reeta0119451 SP0.377 Steem41.423 CTP
@pjansen152 SP0.127 Steem13.96 CTP
@qurator503 SP0.421 Steem46.199 CTP
@jongolson2005 SP1.677 Steem184.153 CTP
@d00k13572 SP0.478 Steem52.536 CTP
Total5592 SP4.677 Steem462.999 CTP

Screenshot from Steempeak wallet

Screenshot from Steem-engine


Our Tokens

We also have tokens in Steem-engine, and our general policy regarding tokens is that we stake all tokens that we get, given that they are stakeable and if not they will be staked once that is available, the exception is CTP tokens since we give out 50% of those earnings to our delegators, but we do stake the other 50%.

If there is any token that you think we should vote with but which we do not currently have, then feel free to delegate some, or gift it if delegation is not available, as stated above all tokens we get will be staked.

Token delegation does not count for any delegation rewards, but we will vote with them if the posts that we vote on include the relevant tags.

These are our current token holdings in Steem-engine, screenshots taken in Steempeak wallet.



These screenshots where taken before and after payouts and staking of CTP tokens, and our stake in CTP has now grown to 22624.

SP Leasing

We no longer make any new lease of Steem Power, though we did have a canceled lease that was refunded and included in the payout.

Screenshot from Steempeak wallet

Final Thoughts

See you on Hive next.

We continue to work towards our goal of growing the Steem (Hive) ecosytem by rewarding Awesome Content, and a big thanks to all our delegators for your awesome support, these where all thoughts for this week, and ...

Stay Awesome!

This Is Awesome

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