We're lauching New Contest in the Steemit Azerbaijan Community || The Best Writings of Day

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As the official account and representative of the Steemit Azerbaijan, @steem-azerbaijan encourages newcomers and professionals to write high-quality content within our community all the time. That's why we work hard on organizing new contests and competitions as far as our budget allows us.

One of and even the first of them was the "BRING YOUR FRIEND and GET 5 STEEM REWARDS" which has truly been capturing lots of attention from not only Azerbaijani steemians, but also foreigner users.

And finally, now we are here with the new contest!!!

new contest.png

Our new contest is called "The Best Writings of Day".

Okay. But What is this contest standing for?

The main goal in organizing the contest is to encourage and motivate our members to share high-quality, engaging and legitimate contents in Steemit Azerbaijan Community.

In this way, we plan to create good content sharing skills for our members and also reward their hard work.

What is our requirements for The Best Writings of Day?

Of course, we have some requirements for the posts which will be selected. These requirements follow The Steemit Platform's guidelines as well as some of our specific demands shown below.

  1. You can share the posts in any topic you like, but 18+, racism, religious or any discriminations
  2. We'd like to see original photos taken by yourself, of course. But if you want to share photos of other sources, PLEASE GIVE A LINK to THE PHOTO
  3. More than 100 words in your posts are desirable
  4. Follow grammar rules, no matter what language you share the post with
  5. Use #steemexclusive, #steemitazerbaijan and #az tags in your posts, no matter what topic you share your post on

How many posts will be selected daily?

We will daily select min 3, max 5 posts as The Best Writings of Day. It depends on how active our members were during that day.

Who will assess the posts?

The Writings will be monitored and assessed by our admins - @revan746, @cameron99, @famil. They are also monitoring our community's activity constantly by monitoring and sharing educative contents.

What will the content sharer get rewarded with for his/her hard work?

We will give the power of our maximum upvote for The Best Writings of Day. On the other hand, we're sure that the high-quality contents will be rewarded by @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator03, @steemcurator04, @steemcurator05 or @steemcurator06 in one point.

That's why we are regularly informing and educating the members of the Steemit Azerbaijan Community that if they share high-quality contents, they will be rewarded by big whales.

We hope that this content will highly increase our community's activity and stimulate our members to share the best-quality contents.

Thank you very much for joining Steemit and our Community! Have tons of STEEM's! :)



 3 years ago 

🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 bu nə dildi, bu nə reaksiyadır, ilahi, bu günləri də görəcəkdik!!!

 3 years ago 

This will add a competitive environment to our community. SUPER. Hey, Steemians, LET'S SEE WHO IS THE BEST WRITER ;)

 3 years ago 

Günün ən yaxşı yazısına 1 steem də biz verək. Tam olsun.

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