Steemit Azerbaijan Youtube channel has already been launched || Announcement

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Hello to everyone. As Steemit Azerbaijan, we are here with a new project. Thus, finally, a Youtube channel of our community called Steemit Azerbaijan has already been launched.

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What is our purpose in creating a Youtube Channel?

Our main goal in creating Steemit Azerbaijan Youtube Channel - is to educate Azerbaijani users who have just joined Steemit and our Community about the Steemit Platform.

What types of video content will the channel cover?

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Our first project on the channel - is to make 7 videos under the title Steemit Lessons. Topics include:

1. How to open up a new Steemit Account and to join Steemit Azerbaijan Community?

2.How to organize our Steemit Profile?

3. How to share our first post on Steemit?

4. How do votes and curation awards work on Steemit? Meet STEEM, Steem Dollar, Steem Power and Tron.

5. How to convert our earned Steem Dollars into STEEM? Our first Trade on the stock exchange.

6. How to strengthen our Steemit Profile? What is Power Up and Delegation?

7. How to cash our income from Steemit? Introduction to cryptocurrency exchanges.

These videos will cover everything that any new user who joins the Steemit Platform should know about the Platform .

Following these lessons, our plan - is to make large-scale videos on a wide range of topics on the channel, including the basics of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges, how to join competitions on the Steemit platform, and more.

NOTE: In addition to the #newcomers, #steemit, #tutorials, #az, #tr, #steemitazerbaijan tags, a new tag called #tutorialsaz will be used in all educational videos on the channel. This way, users will be able to easily find our training videos on the Steemit Platform.

And finally, many thanks to the Steemit Team , especially @steemcurator1 and @steemitblog, for their support in all these endeavours! :)

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