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Heyyyyyy!!!! hello!!!! Your travel manager is speaking to you, it's time to leave for the next destination!!!!!!

Do you know what your destiny is?


Well, follow me, today I invite you to visit Venezuela, specifically the island of Margarita.

For a long time I have wanted you to come but I had not had the chance to invite you, to explain a little what you are missing, Margarita Island in Venezuela is considered the pearl of the Caribbean, for being an island that has a diversity of landscapes and beaches that look like a paradise.

Once you get to know it, you will not want to leave, I assure you, Margarita Island has a tropical climate, the sun is hot depending on the season, and the people who live there are cordial, kind and genuine, something that it will make you feel at home.

To show you the incredible landscapes of my island, I will take you to an area known as Porlamar where one of the beautiful beaches of the island is located, called Playa Guacuco, when we arrive, you will see what a place that gives a sense of calm, of fresh air, where the youngest members of the family can enjoy the sea, since the waves are very calm.


guacuco beach


guacuco beach

In addition to this, we can find several restaurants in its surroundings where you can enjoy the typical gastronomy, such as good empanadas de cazón (fish), you can also eat octopus, cocktails, patacón (fried banana with cheese), paella (rice with fish , seafood, vegetables or legumes).


dogfish empanadas

Since we ate some empanadas, we enjoyed the beach, now I want you to get to know other iconic places on the island, this time we will go to the area known as Pampatar, a peculiar area because most of the houses have a colonial touch, and that makes it more conspicuous.

Within its surroundings there is a historical monument, or rather a historical castle for the island, called Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo or Castillo de Pampatar. It has a drawbridge, has a well-kept structure, moats, and is in the style of the colonial era. Great wars were lived in this castle to protect itself from the pirate and corsair attacks of the time, and thus be able to keep safe the riches that were inside our island.

In this place we will be able to appreciate the entrance, which I told you had the drawbridge.


The castle entrance

If we enter and go to the top of the castle, we will have a spectacular view of the pampatar beach, easily from this place you can see the immensity of the sea, and I imagine that in ancient times you could see the pirate ships that came to loot Ideal to take some good photos my friends.


The upper part of the castle

Now if we go to the bottom of the castle, we can find the area where the cannons were used to counter enemy fire.


where are the cannons

Once we finish with the visit to this historical monument, we will go to a place known as the Valley of the Holy Spirit, where we will find the Church of the Valley, a temple where the invocation of the Virgin Mary, known as La virgen, is venerated. del Valle, patron saint of all sailors.

The Virgin of the valley is recognized throughout Venezuela and many years people from all states come to visit her, they usually meet on September 8 in this place because it is the day of its celebration, a procession is carried out throughout the town, and the people only thank him for the miracles they have granted him, part of the religion we have on the island.


the church where the Virgen del Valle is venerated

Around this basilica in the afternoon, there are souvenir vendors for tourists, they sell necklaces, bracelets, and all kinds of souvenirs that have to do with religion.


the landscape around the church

Near the valley church to which I just brought you, there is a place known as La sierra, an upward sloping road where people often walk for exercise or recreation, as you go higher the weather becomes more and colder, and when they are at the top, when you reach the end of the mountain you can enjoy all kinds of vegetation, intense cold, fog, and above all a view that you should not miss, incredible.


View from the top of the mountain

We are having an incredible time, right? Well, there is still another part that gives life to the island is its culture, the island is full of unique and native customs. Within his music there are infinities of musical rhythms, among which stand out, the galerón, the Polo margariteño that is a kind of song to the fisherman, the margariteña bagpipe, among others. If we go to some restaurants, stores or shopping malls, there are usually musicians and singers performing songs. Not only of the traditional music here but of all styles, Venezuelan fusions with world music, merengue, salsa, you can hear a bit of everything.


an island pool

Is there more to convince you? I don't think you have to come to Isla de Margarita from Venezuela, don't miss it.

I hope you liked this guide for my beautiful island, greetings and blessings.

Note: I speak Spanish, therefore I have used the google translator to translate everything into English, I hope that everything I wrote is understandable, if not excuse me, greetings.

I invite my friends @ricardopercusion and @oneidaa to participate

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