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When would you be satisfied with yourself as a football player?

Football players have a certain level of success and accomplishments they want to attain before finally throwing in the towel. But these achievements vary from person to person. If you were a football, what are the things you would hope to achieve in in order finally quit?

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 4 months ago 

Football as a game is something everyone love to watch, but being able to play the game, especially as a professional in the big stages is an honor and privilege one as to work hard for.

Every professional player has a goal and dream they wish and work hard to achieve before when they become professional.
We have seen lots of inspiring stories over the years from professional players, example, Raheem Sterling who has a kid dreamed of representing England and playing in the prestigious Wembley stadium, we can see how incredible and happy he was when he scored for England in Wembley stadium.
Another instance is When Cristiano Ronaldo won the Euros with Portugal in 2016, we all saw what it meant to him, how happy he was to captain and win a cup for his country.
Another memorable one is Lionel Messi when he won his first and only cup for Argentina last year, we all saw how happy and fulfilled he was even after winning lots of trophies for barcelona.

If I were to be a professional football player, my main goal that would make me satisfied would be winning the FIFA world cup for Nigeria, that would be a historic day for the whole of Nigeria and Africa at large.

 4 months ago 

It would certainly be great to fulfill your aspirations. Thank you.

 4 months ago 

Un futbolista profesional va teniendo satisfacciones durante toda su carrera, se trata de una tras otra, pues la primera sería poder brindar una mejor calidad de vida a mi familia, eso me daría una gran satisfacción como futbolista, después una gran meta sería ser reconocido como un gran futbolista ante los ojos de la afición, eso me llenaría de mucha satisfacción, después buscar una consolidación en un equipo importante, todos los grandes jugadores quieren tener una carrera larga en un club que tenga un gran peso histórico y eso sería de gran satisfacción.

Luego pienso que mi carrera como futbolista quedaría satisfecha habiendo ganado un título con la camiseta de mi país, siempre eso será un gran sueño por cumplir y al retirarme eso me daría una gran satisfacción. También me sentiria muy satisfecho por haber dejado una gran huella en el fútbol, poder ser recordado a través de los años, pues eso no tiene precio y siempre ser una persona que aspire admiración ante cualquier persona que busca una carrera futbolística. Yo daría satisfecho mi carrera con esos logros, por qué eso quiere decir que es podido hacer un gran trabajo y mi carrera como futbolista estaría más que satisfecha.

 4 months ago 

This would be surely satisfying. Thank you.

 4 months ago 

Any football player would say that his greatest desire is to win an important cup with his club or national team, but it really depends on the category of the player, an elite player has these aspirations, while a lower level player has other objectives or aspirations, for example: If I am a 3rd division player my objective would be to be promoted and reach a higher category club.

Now evaluating myself I am not going to look at the tournaments won and neither the category, my objective would be to be a starter and contribute as much as possible to my club, besides being recognised for having been a long time in a club in any continent, that is, I would like to be a player loved by the fans and finish my career as a footballer being remembered as a key player in the team, so that the fans and the club remember me forever, in that way I would feel satisfied with my career as a footballer.

In the end, what matters is to enjoy football, to be consistent and to live the experience of being a footballer.

 4 months ago 

It would certainly differ from player to player. Great point.

Football is a game that anyone playing it have a peculiar goal or dean to achieve. Some want to win trophies, some award(Balon D’Or), some for fame, and some for money. Everybody has what he will get to be satisfied a footballer. So I will say it’s relative.

But I would be satisfied as a football player when my country Ghana wins the African Cup Of Nations, and World Cup.
It has been long since 1996 that we won the trophy, 26 years from now, more than my age.
As a young player growing up, I have seen a lot of effort in Black Stars trying to rebuild the squad.
For World Cup, we qualified for it in 2006, and tried to qualify to semi-finals in 2010 but was beaten by Uruguay in penalties. So appalling.

My next goal is to play in Barcelona, my dream team. Though currently the squad’s status is not appealing, but we will surely rise up.

Everyone and his dreams; and these is mine.
Thank you @worldoffootball for this opportunity…🙏🏾🙏🏾

 4 months ago 

Great goals, you would certainly be pleased to achieve them. Thank you.


Sí fuera futbolista, estaría satisfecho cuando me retire y pasen los años y hablen de ti como un buen jugador dentro y fuera de la cancha. Ya que puedo decir que fui el ejemplo para muchos niños, muchas personas. Y no tanto por los logros que hayas obtenido, ni los títulos, ni los campeonatos. Me sentiría satisfecho que dijeran que fui un buen compañero, con los técnicos, con los jugadores que tuviese una conducta intachable. Que no importa que no haya ganado ningún título, aunque si lo gane seria genial pero esa sería mi satisfacción como futbolista.

 4 months ago 

Good point. Thanks.

As a footballer for me to throw in the towel and say am done, will me I am certain i have achieved my goals. What would those goals be, depending on which continent am coming from i should have won the major cup of that place like Copa America or The African Cup of Nations and the likes. That will be leaving my name in history in that continental cup. I will wanted to be recognised outside my own comfort zone that will be when i want to show my self to the world.

Winning the UEFA champions league will be hug bost to my fame. Showcasing my talents to the world. But my final achievement that will prompt me to not worry about anything else would be to win the world cup. This is the cup above all other cups. It stands at the apex of football. What greater honor could on wish for if not to win the world cup.

Successful winning this cup i will be ready to throw in the towel know that i am one of the greatest footballer in history. As i would have won all the major cups that really matter in this world.

As a football player, you are only satisfied with your self when you’re up there with the best and earns huge amount of money as salary and also win every trophy available to win both at club and at the national team level .
Additionally, when you win numerous individual award such as the ballond’or the perfect example is Messi and Ronaldo.thanks

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