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2021 Ballon d'or winner

Ballon d'or is a football award given to selected players by the French Football Association. The award is one of the longest awards ever given to footballers to celebrate them for their hardwork. Usually lists of performing footballers are usually dropped and voting starts. A specific date is given to end voting and then the nominess for the first spot is given the award of excellence.. This year 2021, it happens to me Messi who gets the award but fans of the Portugese are saying it should have been Ronaldo who received the award.
Different categories of awards are also present at the award night.

img src

List of the Nominees;

The picture belows show the first 10nominees for the balon d'or

img src

Winner of the 2021 Ballon d'or:

img src

Messi has once retained the ballon d'or after edging Robert Lewandoski to win his 7th ballon d'or title. Huge kudos to the Argentine..
I want to thank @njaywan and @bright-obias for their support .
Also thank the community too for its love.

 6 months ago 

Great players by all means. It was great to have Messi winning the award again. He is actually a great player and a legend for that matter.

Thanks for sharing

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