🔬#MESExperiments 26: Increasing Spin Friction Can Make a Gyroscope Rise from a Very Steep 72° Angle

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Thanks for liking my posts in Polish even though You probably dont understand them (unless You use translation). In July after semester ends, I will prepare those notes about planar graph's Kuratowski's Theorem in English so You can read them ) :)

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Sounds good. I occasionally use google translate but sometimes just want to help support via upvoting.

Today I recorded 2 new videos. Because recording with phone was annoying on BitChute, I decided to record with camera. And now it appears that BitChute does not support format MPG, in which my camera records.... I dont understand why it has bigger growth rate than DTube really. I downloaded converter from MPG to MP4 and it aborts convertion, problems...

 2 years ago 

Hmmm interesting. My videos are recorded in .AVI and then I convert to MP4 after editing and have not had this issue. For MPG to MP4, your converter may need a plugin possibly or try another converter?? Have you tried converting with VLC as in this video?