The colossal crochet cardigan - and other projects

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Beware next eight sentences are excessive whining about migraines. If you rather want to read about crochet and knitting hop to “what I am working on”.

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It’s this Monday again… and no I do not mean my joy about #needleworkmonday, no I mean THISMONDAY… the Monday full of headaches I already have since Saturday. The Monday with a still unfinished Mimi blouse. The Monday where in front of your flat a carnival parade will march (although I feel like the parade is already inside my head). And if this is not enough, the carnival parade will be the biggest for years as yesterdays parades in the neighbor cities were cancelled because of storm and rain and these will unite today in front of our flat.
Yes, this Monday.
My only means of escape is knitting or crochet as all roads are blocked till the evening, public transport is suspended and my head generally does not allow me to walk around because of intense pounding, and sewing is much to loud and to exhausting. So, yarn will be my solution.


What I am working on

If you thought I worked monogamous for two weeks on one project (the Mimi blouse) you disqualified yourself as an inattentive reader of my blog (sorry, I had to say it 😂). Naturally there are several other projects waiting for me to play with them. My main wip’s (read: project I honestly plan to finish this year) are a knitted raglan sweater and an oversized crochet cardigan. The sweater is out of an older publication „Vogue knitting. Very easy sweaters“. ”Very easy” sounded so promising :-DDD
The sweater is designed by Lori Steinberg and rightfully named „easy“. It’s completely knitted in stockinette, but I was drawn to it because of the construction and fit. The sweater is kitted flat in four pieces and has a raglan construction and a flat knit raglan sweater is new to me. It reminded me of the sew house seven toaster sweater which is my most sewn pattern so far.

Design ohne Titel.png These are only three of many more toaster sweater

Both (the toaster sweater and the vogue sweater) have a wide and slightly cropped fit and a high neckline. The vogue sweater is presented with wide ¾ sleeves which I plan to change into more balloony and longer sleeves. Therefore, I omitted the cuff and started directly with the stockinette part which I also elongated. When the sweater is finished, I will decide how many decreases and which kind of cuff I will knit. So far, I finished front, back and one sleeve and I am currently working on the second sleeve (no second sleeve syndrome – joyyyy). The only problem I encountered is, that the raglan part of sleeve and front are not the same length. I am unsure if it’s the pattern or if I forgot to knit some rows on the sleeve. But I am (still) sure I can remedy this later….

old neckline3.png

The second project, the crochet cardigan, is a pattern from inside crochet 121 and it was love at first sight. The urbanite cardigan designed by Emily Platt has an oversized fit with a geometric pattern on the fronts. Sleeves and back are completely worked in double crochet and the cuffs are made from half double crochet stitches which are worked into the middle loop to create a ribbing which resembles knitting. To brighten up my mood I decided on a light mint yarn from Zeeman which is very inexpensive, which was a clever decision as I now know… Because the cardigan is huge. It’s gigantic, enormous, colossal… you could easily mistake it for a blanket, and I am only speaking of the back part. I decided to crochet the second size, but my tension relaxed a lot while working on this cardigan and now its 90 cm which corresponds with size 3…. Looking at this monstrous back part my hands get sweaty as I fear I must unravel this at some point (I used already 200 grams of yarn for the ribbing and only 26 rows).

Kopie von Kopie von Design ohne Titel.png

But as this project is so relaxing and helping me to get through these days of headaches, I am not willing to give up on it.
I hope next week will be better and I have the head (haha) to continue my Mimi blouse.

As we encounter so many changes on @steemit and @steempeak I hope I did not make mistakes in posting. I will try to post this text at first into the #needleworkmonday community and then resteem it… This should result into a blogpost which is both on the community site and my own blog. I got this idea from @crocheille‘s helpful post I highly recommend. We will now see if I understood it correctly 😂😂

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.
Ohhh, if you don't have a steemit account and want to comment then visit my Wordpressblog Bliss and Blisters and write me there.


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Have my best wishes for a swift recovery - migraines are the worst. I sometimes have bad headaches with simultaneous problems with my stomach and eyes, but I never use the "m" word. Avoidance at its best ;)

Regarding the different lengths of the raglan sweater: stretching the shorter one would make nice ruffles ducksandhides

Regarding the crochet cardigan - might be the best to send it into the frog pond: ribbit

If it helps you to not spell „it“ out, the better (perhaps your headaches behave like Voldemort...) And thank you for the well wishing, today it is better and I hope that it will stay this way 🙏
But with the other advices... I know that you are right, but I cannot bring myself to unravel right now. Perhaps I am a crafting masochists/ignorant/had-in-the-sand...
For the sleeve I think I will simply lengthen it, the ruffles I will spare for the next sweater :-DDDDD

I love these gigantic cardigans that get out of control! I would keep on until I am nearly at the end (or run out of yarn). But sometimes, we just need a distraction and that's okay, too. I hope you feel better soon x

Do you know the German folk tale the „Süße Brei“ (sweet porridge)? I think my crochet cardigan behaves this way... it grows and grows and grows and will eventually spill out of the windows and doors :-DDD But for now I don’t care. I still imagine it to fit me miraculous. So, I will follow your lead and crochet on <3
Head is better today and I hope it stays this way.

I always have trouble with sleeves unless it is a dropped shoulder and the sleeves are just rectangles.

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Yes, sleeves can be very complicated... I often over estimate my arm thickness in knitting and crochet and in sewing I mostly make them too small. Very strange. Perhaps there are simply too many determinants involved (shoulder width, the rounding of the shoulders, the arm circumference, the ease one likes....)

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Hope your h&m goes away!! (trying not to spell them out loud :D)
I looveeeee your knitting stitches. They are soooo neat. I love the raglan sleeves sweater and the urbanite hugeeeee cardigan! Thank you for the patterns (though I am pretty sure they will stay in my bookmark and only there) So many projects that I wish I could do butt.....
The red wine and mint green colours are beautiful.
Don't worry about Mimi, you will get it done soon enough :)

Ohhh the red wine sweater is misbehaving (or I shouldn’t have knitted with migraines) I completed the second sleeve and it is much wider than the first and I have no clue why 😱

I hate that you suffer from migraines. My sister has migraines and I know that they can be excruciating. You are still very productive in spite of your challenges.

THank you for the kind words and I am sorry to hear you sister also suffers form migraines, sadly its very common especially for women. But believe me, I do not feel productive... these are all distractions as I still cannot work (for money I mean, teaching and so on) because of the frequency of the migraines. But nevertheless, it is nice to get some positive feedback.

As I’m writing this I’m hoping you are feeling better and your annoyances (trying to take @marblely’s lead and not say the word) have gone away. I always admire how you still find time to get your hands moving and use your skills to relax. I really love those colors! I like having a mixture of bolds and pales because sometimes you are in the mood to wear one or the other. I’m sure you’ll be able to remedy those sleeves. I love looking at your knitting and crochet work, it is always so neat and beautiful. 💜

Since Thursday my head is better and I am so happy about this, as I am finally able to move around again (without wanting to pull my eyes out). And although I love to hear your encouragement it does not really find the way into my subconscious (which is my faulty way to deal with the headaches). The migraines take away a lot of my accomplishments/abilities... I still cannot work in my former job and not being able to earn money is hard for me, as is not being a great help with cleaning or cooking etc during a migraine period. GRRRRRRRR (i am growling at the migraines)
But besides my whining, I really love to write here and to get a bit of validation for the things I can do.
And just for you to laugh... I soooo wanted to accomplish something during the last days that I knitted with headaches... and I finished the sleeves of the red sweater.... and the second one is much wider than the first 😂🤪😱

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