There is a big difference between juice and biscuits. The juice goes back to the old days and the biscuits are made with modern machinery.

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Hello friends, I hope all the friends will be well. Today I will refresh you with some childhood memories. In childhood we used to eat juice with tea and sometimes we used to keep it with milk. The juice is just like Earlier I went to a shop today and I saw that there was a packet of juice lying there. I saw and I remembered my childhood. Many times I did not get tea. I used to keep it with water. Show me a picture of how I've been drinking juice
There are many benefits to this risk. It can be eaten by a one-day-old baby or a 90-year-old dad. It can be eaten mixed with water. It can be eaten mixed with milk. It can also be eaten with tea. It can be eaten anyway but you have come to the modern age. People have started eating biscuits. Butter biscuits have come to the shops in our area. They are selling too much. Butter biscuits are eaten as soon as they go into the mouth. It's fun. I'll show you a picture of this butter biscuit
Everything changes with time but there are some memories that are remembered all the time which is eaten is the same thing. The thirst of the stomach is quenched. Biscuits are also eaten with tea and also with tea. It is eaten. I hope you like it

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