Better Life||The diary game 04/07/2021

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My Diary

July 04, 2021

Today I woke up at seven this morning.I woke up and went to the washroom to clean my hands, face and teeth.Coming back from there I re-entered my room.Then I stood by my side for a while in the morning.Then I went a little out of my room and went home. I wandered around for a, I enjoyed a lot of different views.Then I entered my room again.Then I had breakfast together with all the members of my family.After breakfast I slowly got out of the house.I went for a walk and I talked to a stranger about various things.Then after talking to him completely I slowly entered my house again.



I went out in the afternoon to hang out with my friends. I like to hang out. I went inside a park near my house.Inside the park, different types of people are playing and walking around. I entered the park with different things. I took different pictures.After walking around the park,



I slowly went to one side of the park and sat down. I discussed various issues with my friends.I like to hang out in the park most of the time so I always go to the park with my friends in the afternoon and hang out.After walking around the park, I went with my friends again. There is a big market inside the market. There are different types of people shopping in the market.Then slowly I left that market for my home and I reached my home.When I entered the park, I enjoyed the view. I took some pictures from inside the park. The pictures are beautiful.Then I entered my reading room. I was getting ready for lunch. I ate lunch.



During the night I discussed various issues with all the members of my family.Then I was preparing for dinner.I had dinner with my family members.Then I went to prepare to write a post I wrote a post completely.
Then I went to bed for sleeping.
See you again after finishing here for today.

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