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FCA has finally given a written consent to Wirecard for resuming its regulated activities of issuing e money and providing payment services, today onwards.

Now card providers like MCO Visa debit card and TenX card will be able to reactivate their services on their cards.

Four days back FCA had imposed a ban on Wirecard to carry out its regulated activities a day after it announced to file for insilvency.

I had posted here that how it resulted in a panic selling of MCO after FCA requested Crypto.com to suspend all activity on their card. .

Fortunately, for all MCO coin and MCO Visa Card holders, after FCA's written consent to Wirecard, Crypto.com has resumed the operation of all Europe/ UK MCO Visa Cards from today itself.

TenX card ias also re-enabled now.


And MCO prices also reacted positively on this news.

So did you buy this dip?

For me, I was not expecting this news so soon! But hey, there is still some chance as MCO prices are hovering around $4.40 only at this moment.

How would you react to this news? Is that just a temporary development?

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