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The Syndicate is Crypto.com's fundraising platform which is listing established crptocurrencies almost every fortnight. Millions of dollars of discount are being offered to CRO (Crypto.com Exchange coin) holders as they receive priority token allocation for these events

Here's how you can double your money by taking advantage of these events:


Image source:Crypto.com blog

Open an account with Crypto.com Exchange

Buy & stake at least 10000 CRO.
(The more you stake, the more money you can double).

Buy Cardano (ADA) at 50% of market rate between 9 June, 2020 & 10 June, 2020.
Crypto.com has 500000 USD allocation for this 50% discount offer.

On 11 June, 2020, check how much allocation you are assigned and accept (or reject) the offer.

On accepting, you will receive your allocated ADA distribution.

You will receive any refund for over subscription on 12 June.

Final Step
Sell all your ADA and CRO at market price to book your profits


  1. Risk of market fluctuation of prices of ADA and CRO applies during this period.
  2. I haven't taken into account the investment for staking CRO when I say that you can "double" your money.
  3. For 10000 staked CRO, you can buy a maximum of $1000 worth of ADA @50% discount. You can buy more if you stake more. There are 7 categories. Highest being $200,000 on staking of 50M CRO.

For more details on this offer and exact process, please head on to their official announcement here.

Get BTC @50% price

Oh, this isn't all. Did I tell you they have a $2M allocation for offering 50% discount on Bitcoin on their upcoming anniversary?

And you won't need to stake CRO for this event (for a maximum investment of $200). However staked CRO will make you eligible for higher amounts.


Image source:Crypto.com blog

Thus if you staked 10,000 CRO (or more) in the above ADA offer and continued to stake it until the month end, you can get as much as $1000 (or more) of BTC @50% discount.

Please refer their blog for further derails on it.

Get $50 MCO & 50 STEEM for signing up

For downloading and signing up Crypto.com mobile app using my referral link, you can also get $50 worth of MCO and 50 STEEM as a signup bonus.

To unlock $50 MCO, you will need to buy and stake 50 MCO in this app. Staking 50 MCO for 6 months also makes you eligible for a free MCO Visa card.

More details in my previous blog post on this offer.

Here's my referral link to download Crypto.com App:


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