Promo-steem making Banner and GIF to promote steemit/steem - by @monirhossen || Promotion day - 03

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Hello everyone,

How are you all? I hope you are all well. I am fine with all your blessings. I always try to run campaigns on this platform in different ways. I like it when I tell someone about this platform and let them know that it is a decentralized platform. This is a social media that is completely different from other social media where maximum amount of work is available. Also the type of coins that are given on this platform are very standard and points of huge projects which I believe will be a very big medium in future. I like it when I talk to someone so I always try to keep campaigning on this platform. I am making banners for the promotion of this platform.




I will share all these things on different social media and try to let everyone know through banners there how important a platform everyone is to join the platform.I am also personally interested in helping those who want to know about this platform. I am currently sharing my banners and my post on Twitter. If anyone wants to help me by commenting on Twitter or here I will try to do it.

Hopefully I will continue my activities and campaign on this platform is a very important platform. I am trying and I would like to tell all of you who are connected to this platform to try from their place to move the surprise forward.As many new users come to the platform and if investors come it will be much better for all of us. Together we will be able to work together and earn income together. I requested everyone, I hope everyone must try Try to continue this flat for marketing. I try every day to post and make different banners and share it on different social media. We hope you will too and help the newcomers to work properly on the platform.

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Thanks & Best Regards

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