Some Frosty edits-sorry for the double post!

in eSteemlast year (edited)

While I was waiting for the new eSteem app today (which I am loving a lot!) I edited a few of the frosty photos that I took yesterday.


Winter can provide some magical fairytale scenes!




Thanks to the eSteem team for this wonderful new app! I can't wait to use it and see how it feels.

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Thanks so much!

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Gorgeous photos Melinda. The frost on the trees and grass makes a pretty picture.

Thanks, Jo! The photos in yesterday's post were my favorites, but it was a beautiful morning to be taking pictures!

You sure did get some beautiful photos.

And all while still in my pajamas! 😂

Win ! Win ! I say....LOL !

Wow.... these are beautiful.

Thanks so much! 😘 I wish frost happened more often!

These photographs are beautiful, especially the first and last. They're ideal for marketing or to write a story

You write the story and I'll give you the photos to use! 😊

Good idea. I will think of a story; I write it and then we talk

Frosty but sweet captures :-)

Hey, Mike! Good to hear from you!

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I have not noticed the new app. Thanks for sharing that news.

frost and sun. It's a wonderful day.

Lovely edits, making the frost looking so nice.
The new release of eSteem is awesome. I am still playing around with it.

Thanks! I am still getting used to it too, but am loving it! I think @esteemapp team has hit a home run with these updates!

Hello Beautiful
It's cold but I love seeing that whiteness.
I hope you forgive me for commenting a little, you don't have enough hours a day

I DO understand not having enough hours! Come by when you can and I will do the same. 😘❤️

haha sure

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