Planting Goji berry bushes

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When I got these starter plants, I was expecting to get a Cherry tree as well. I ordered both together, though the Cherry tree was out of stock. It was a Royal Lee, which would be compatible with my Minnie Royal Cherry tree. Unfortunately it did not arrive, and I got a refund for it. Though the Goji plants still shipped, I asked the shipper to cancel my order when they told me the Cherry tree was out of stock. Though they disregarded my message and still shipped it.. heh.. annoying

So these plants were kind of a misadventure, though I hope they will grow big and strong and give me Goji berries in the future. I planted four of them, they were dormant with no signs of life. Just little sticks, though I know many plants look like this before spring time starts. I found some good places for them and placed them in the ground and got to placing them in the holes.

I ended up digging into an Ant nest at one point, heh it happens all too often in Georgia. Well I had to wait for them to disperse and then placed the Goji plant in the hole. The Ants shouldnt hurt it, but I did not want to get all bitten up by them. Some of them were queens getting ready to fly. So I kind of made of mess of the area by disturbing it.

May take a few years to produce fruits, but until then ill enjoy them growing up. I hear they can be fast growing so we shall see how big they get. And with a few of the plants if they need pollination between them then it should happen. They are within fifty feet of each other so Bees and such should visit them all helping to produce quality fruit.

At the time of planting, the pollen count was through the roof. So I was wearing a face mask to keep the pollen at bay. With a count of 6000 its painful to work outside when its that high so I need protection.

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