BABIES & DEATH - When the "Circle of Life" Circles HARD

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Some days, it's just hard....

What an interesting time on the homestead. It's full of new life arriving, but also death. While waiting for the rest of the chicks to hatch, we lost one that we thought hatched from one of the Bobblehead Homestead eggs. Thankfully, Monster Truck figured out that it was actually a different chick that was the French Black Copper Maran.

Then, being a somewhat proficient wildman, I caught an opossum and a mole with my bare hands. While the mole was mostly just cool to look at, the opossum happened to be a Jill with a pouch full of Joeys! This worked out well because of a project we are currently working on. Also, overnight, we somehow had every female Guinea hen of our die, while every male remained alive. I'm really not sure how that's even possible, but that's the reality that we are dealing with. Now we'll need to get some new Guinea hens so that the "circle of life" can continue.

BABIES & DEATH - When the "Circle of Life" Circles HARD - VIDEO

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I sometimes wonder what birthed the first seed: was it the gravity of life brought together the minerals in the ground in hope?

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