ecoTrain QOTW 5.5: My food gardening tips!

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Gardening was not something that I was always into, but in the last couple of years I have developed a lot of liking towards gardening, specially growing some of my own food. As of now I have bitter gourd, garlic, tomatoes, mint and aloe growing in my garden. Very soon the climate will change and garlic will stop and I will have to figure out what next.

But trust me it is such a fulfilling experience see your plants bloom and giving you what you have sowed. To be very honest, I have a helper and she has good knowledge of plants and that's what gives me the courage to go ahead. Else in the past I have seen my plants all dying out. Now with her guidance I am able to grow my food successfully. My mom jokingly says very soon I will become vegetable vendor....hehehe

Today let me share my Aloe plant, and some tips of how I use it.
First of all, in my region, Aloe vera plant grows very easily and without much of effort. I have 2 Aloe vera plants growing in my garden and they are doing so well. Every few weeks I need to cut out some stems, to balance it. I remove the Aloe gel and use it for different purposes.


Let me show you how I use my Aloe plant
Every few weeks, I cut off some stems from the plants.

Wash them up and cut off a little part from the end. The end part has yellowish sticky substance oozing out and that has a lot of bitterness, so cutting it off a little removes all that bitterness.

After that with a knife remove the green skin and scrap off the gel from within

All the gel is removed from the stems

Now you can eat this directly also. Having Aloe Vera juice every morning on empty stomach is a very good detox therapy.

I have crushed it up and filled it in a glass bottle.

I have been using this gel to apply on my hair. I do not use commercial hair conditioners, so this one serves the purpose. It acts as a very good conditioner and leaves the hair soft and smooth. The main advantage is that it is completely chemical free.
The other way I use it is also to apply on my skin, it has a very cooling effect and serves the purpose of a moisturizer.

And I enjoy eating the pieces too. So it's like one plant and multiple miraculous uses.

If you have a Aloe plant, and if you are not using it effectively, I hope that you will find these tips useful.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"


I used to do gardening when I was much younger but now a lot things have taken my time. Though I have missed those days, I need to focus on things that will bring food to the table. Probably gonna go back when I get older.

Priorities keep changing in different phases of life. But once you are connected with them you are always there, I am sure sooner or later you will get back to them.

I am hoping that soon I could own a lot to plant my own grafted fruit trees and some vegetables @nainaztemgra :)

I am sure you will my dear

Thank you @nainaztengra :)

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