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Earthship Biotecture: 99 Reasons To Get Off Grid

OK, so this is the THIRD time i am changing the name and cover image for the 99 reasons why book! Why three times? Well first because I think the information in it is really valuable, and secondly because I think I never quite got the title OR the image right. At first it was all crazy:

"99 Reasons Why Earthships are FuC!*ing Awesome!


As catchy as that was, amazon didn't like it because it was rude and so I had to change it.

So I changed it to a very sober, 99 Benefits of Earthship Biotecture, YAWN.

It wasn't a very exciting image i had, or name for that matter.

SO, now I have just republished the book, with a New Name and a New image. I'm curious what you all think, because it's your opinion that matters! Any comments welcomed.

NOTE that this is a square book, and you can see the front, side, and back in this image.

Earthship Biotecture: 99 Reasons To Get Off Grid



Fantastic work Alex!
I live off grid powered by solar and love Earthships and intelligent eco-friendly design wherever I find it. Books such as yours will help transform the planet for the better... HUGE thanks for sharing this vitally important knowledge!

Upvoted and resteemed =D

hey! THANK YOU, for this very positive feedback! glad u Get it.. <3