Should governments lie to keep us safe or prevent panic? ecoTrain QOTW

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Those in ANY kind of power, whether is be a company or a Government know, secrets are everywhere! Those down the chain are the last to know anything, IF they get to know at all. Anyone with experience in Government activities will know all too well that the public know almost nothing about anything that goes on behind closed doors. We do not know what is said in meetings, and we do not know the reasons behind the very many rules and laws that are passed. It is fair to say that we have no idea what is going on, or the real objectives of the people in power.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! There are very few who will relinquish it, and even fewer who will tell the tales of what really goes on behind closed doors. Whistle-blowers are few and far between, and most who do tell of secrets will face serious consequences. Do you remember Edward Snowdon? He shared some incredible details of just SOME of the massive snooping and spying that has been going on in the USA and beyond for years. Many people would never have imagined that their governments were spying on them to such a degree, and even more surprisingly, very few people thought it was a problem? Why so? Because they feel that their governments are doing this to keep them safe.

It is HIGH TIME that we open our eyes and see what a terrible game of power and corruption is happening under the covers. It is high time that we are able to know many details and things that go on behind closed doors. Our world has become so corrupt that most people would not even be able to comprehend the depth of the problems that our governments create. Most of this is able to continue because no one outside of these powerful groups knows anything. We are unable to ask basic questions, or receive any answer that is based on truth.

Did you know that 21 TRILLION dollars went missing from the defence budget some years ago? No one knows where it went, or what secret projects that money funded. Trillions of dollars is enough to bring an entire country out of poverty and improve the standard of living for the masses. Yet, they do not care to make any effort to protect their people. ALL they care about is money and power. We are nothing to them, and anyone who thinks that they do care is sorely mistaken!

We have been made to live like slaves, and brainwashed to think it is OK, and to keep voting. Even though we know our politicians lie, people still trust them.. even when nothing makes sense. Let us look at the COVID19 issue as an example. Most people comply with their governments requests to stay home, without much question. Any facts, logic, or any sensible questioning about what is going on is subverted and ignored. Our governments are not acting logically anymore, and no one seems to know why? There are SO many theories going around that most people don't know what to believe anymore, and so they just comply.. comply.. comply..

Personally, I am very concerned that our basic human rights have been flouted because of coronavirus. To me, when you look at the numbers, it makes no sense. The damage being done to our mental health, our economies, or lives, our families are going to be hard to reverse. We may suffer so much more as a global population then we ever would have from Coronavirus. If you don’t believe me look at Sweden! Why the heck do people not see that they are really fine, and yet are carrying on more or less as they were? Why does no one see this?

The ability to hold our leaders to account is non existent. We do not even know what they do, never mind have an ability to question them sincerely about it. This is abhorrent, since we MUST have the ability to question and challenge the many huge issues that we face today.. whether it be climate change, covid19, or things like our dietary habits. HOW can we trust a government to look after us when they let such atrocities happen every day. It is not CLEAR that all they care about is money and power? How can we trust them? We must not!

SO, to answer this weeks question, i can wholeheartedly say.. our governments should never lie to us, even though it may make things easier for them. It creates a precedent that continues, and the lies never end one you start.. lies to cover lies.

Keeping us safe from Corona should mean that our governments teach us how to stay healthy, how to eat well, and the importance of exercise.. They don't do any of this! They don't teach us what we need to be empowered,, they teach us what we need to know to be better slaves. Unintelligent, unquestioning, complying, that is all they want.. so they can continue to serve the mysterious people who actually control and own this world,.. and seem to be hell bent on doing whatever it takes to keep that power.

THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG with what is happening. They are lying to us. They are withholding SO much important information. Instead we are left to live in fear, in panic and under full control.

In fact, this question missed the point in some ways!



I agree!!!! We make the decisions we are told to make when we are fearful. It's a very old trick of the rulers. But who is lying to us? Our rulers, our government, or both? I'm afraid it is both this time. Thank you for speaking out!

Very interesting! It is good to reflect on this point.
Greetings and lots of love for you, Alex!

What is going on is SO much deeper then most people want to believe. For those who believe that we were created by a supreme entity who gave us free will... That really is the main thing we need to be concerned with aside from the rule treat others as you would be treated rule.
As within, so without. As above, so below.
Freewill is the one thing the maker itself will not infringe upon so why do we allow others to take our freewill from us???

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