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Thank you to @marlenyaragua for this lovely initiative! This is a way to celebrate International Mother Earth Day with, A Day of the #Pachamama!

@marlenyaragua is encouraging us to tag #pachamama for photos, videos and stories related to an encounter with Mother Nature in all her facets. We can share photos about Landscape photograph involving the Sun, the Moon or Water in surface water bodies: lakes, reservoirs and estuaries.

For more info please check her post out at:

So, this morning I took a walk around the area I am staying in for another week. It is an organic farm with a lot of food production, and some cows who live here quite happily in their large fields of perfect grass and an abundance of lovely clean hay to snack on.

It's been inspiring to stay here and see how everything grows and blooms and yields so much harvest with such little effort. Mother nature just gives, gives, gives in so many forms. There are no pesticides or toxins here, and yet I don't see one plant that looks even blemished!

I hope enjoy these beautiful greens, and reds, and all colours in between. These photos were taken today in beautiful rural Netherlands, starting in my small chalet looking at a colourful dried flower.



Salad Anyone? ;-)
Have a beautiful day Pachamamma xxx <3