EcoTrain QOTW : An opportunity for reinvention. What is Your Life, Really?

The question this week is...

"What if a Genie Gave You the Chance To Reinvent Yourself? "

Imagine that a genie magically appeared out of an old rusty lamp that you found. She was so grateful to you for liberating her that she granted you a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent yourself. The genie said that whatever you asked for you would get, and you could be or do or have anything you wanted.

I was really puzzled by this question, so i asked a friend of mine the question.
She said she would want to be transformed into a dragon.

So, there you go.

- - - - - - -

Your Life

A great deal of effort and planning was put into who you are. When you are. What you are like. What worldly problems you will encounter. Who your lovers will be. Who your enemies will be. etc.

Your astrology chart was thought about in every aspect.
The energy you were born into. Your parents. Your life lessons growing up that shaped who you are.

All of these things and many more were worked out in detail and you want to change it for some perceived benefit that you have gathered from a TV show, or worse, from an advert? (Adverts are designed to make you feel "less than", to feel incomplete)

I would be very wary about changing any of these things because you do not know the ramifications of doing such. Your life is such an intricate puzzle that any offers of 'just changing everything by magic' is not a good idea, and almost always works out for the worse.

- - - - - - -

How to Work With Your Life

Now, just because a lot of work went into planning your life to get where you are, is no obligation to stop you from getting to where you want to be.

That is what is remarkable for the life we have chosen. We have also chosen paths to get were we want to be. Life lessons to make us better, to make us more of who we are.

If you have the desire to become something more, something better, there is also a path for you to get there. This may included complete body healing, or it may involve learning to live with it. (turning a weakness into a strength) Both paths have a lot of benefits.

So, you really do not need a genie to allow you to become what you desire, you just have to make then necessary choices, and then retrain your body and mind to become that. It can be seen as a very hard path, but this is only so because we have this lazy lifestyle, where we no longer have to do hard labor, and medical practices have been reduced to taking a pill.

Meditation and mindfulness is usually the basis of any of these kinds of transformations.

- - - - - - -

An example of change

Let us say that you are diabetic and you hate this and want to live without insulin shots and the necrosis, etc.

Well, this is quite doable. But your mind has been programmed against changing and against going down the healing path. You have probably become addicted to sugar and sitting on the couch and vegging in front of the the TV (it was a hard day after all)

The answer is to cut out most sugars in your diet. Eat healthy and regularly. Get at least 30 minutes of walking every day. Drink a lot of good water. And learn to love yourself. How hard could that be?

Really hard! Sugars are in everything. And everything we love to eat... or think we love to eat (after healing you will no longer crave them) Walking is a pain. You are already tired... you must have done enough exercise today, right? And soda and coffee are mostly water... And don't i love myself?

Through being mindful and meditating on loving yourself, you will find that you are the shape you are because your body was mirroring what you feel about yourself. Slowly you begin to change this. Giving yourself the love you really needed. As you do that, you will find walking easier and eating well to be easier. Further, you will find books on how to cleanse your body and heal from Diabetes.

It just all comes together. Step by step. And you will be much better for the journey.

- - - - - - -

All images in this post are my own original creations.

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