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Yesterday was an unusually warm winter day, and I went for a walk along the coastline with the purpose to visit a specific pool of brackish water near the sea ...

DSC08355 malo.jpg

... to see if there are interesting animals to photograph since the weather really feels more like exciting early spring than the sleepy winter ... and in fact, there was plenty of activity in and around this water ...

IMG_6598 samo malo.jpg

... insect larvae were swimming near the surface, some were breathing the air through the organ called siphon, situated on the posterior end of the body ...

IMG_6524 malo.jpg

The mosquito - like crane flies ...

IMG_6526 malo.jpg

... were resting on the straws of the surrounding grass ...

IMG_6583 malo.jpg

... I found the crab in the mud ...

IMG_6581 malo.jpg

... the small Pachygrapsus marmoratus crab, adapted to spend plenty of time out of water ...

IMG_6514 malo.jpg

... and not far from there ...

IMG_6519 malo.jpg

... a spider was standing on the surface of the water.

IMG_6586 samo malo.jpg

Some long - legged flies were elegantly skating around ...

IMG_6572 malo.jpg

... and the algae were covering the branches at the edge of the pool, crating an interesting miniature landscape.

IMG_6477 malo.jpg

This is a wider view of that pool. As always in posts, all the photographs are my work.


That spider standing is awesome. It's amazing that they can do that.

it's amazing that they can do that.

That spider standing
Is awesome. It's amazing
That they can do that.

                 - cliffagreen

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes :) It's a bit like some superpower

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