She Was No Angel

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Breonna Taylor was no angel. In fact, she was "knee deep" into drug dealing; she was a criminal who unfortunately "passed away" when she involuntarily came into contact with bullets fired from police officers' guns. Just like with George Floyd and almost every other case where innocent black people are killed by law enforcement officers, the far right tries to defend the actions and behavior of the police by smearing the deceased victims; it's unfortunate they dies, but hey, they were no angels after all...


source: Wikimedia Commons

I really didn't want to do this. I'm sure anyone that even in passing follows the news knows that what happened to George Floyd is something that happens all the time in America. The latest wave of protests started after it became clear that only one police officer will be indicted in the Breonna Taylor case, and not even for death. When George Floyd was killed, the right wing grifters immediately started a campaign to defend the involved police officers, mainly by making the case that Floyd was no angel, that he had a history with drugs and that he tried to pay with a forged check of 20 dollars or so. Their argumentation amounts to something like: hey, if you're a criminal, you shouldn't be surprised if you get executed by the police. Never mind the entire justice system where people normally go to court first.

I've shared with you the outrageous reaction of America's number one Uncle Tom, the premier house slave Candace Owens to the murder of Floyd in my post Uncle Tom's Candace, where she smears George Floyd in a pathetic attempt to justify his murder by the police. Well, Owens is back to do the same to the completely innocent Breonna Taylor. I'm not going to lay out all the facts of this case; those will become clear in the two linked videos, and I recommend you watch those in full. The short version is this: police in plain clothes knocked on her door with a search-warrant in hand, they did not identify themselves as police, knocked down the door and Breonna's current boyfriend shoots one round at people he believes to be burglars or friends of Breonna's previous boyfriend who was involved in drug-dealing. The plain clothes police return fire, shooting 20 rounds of which 6 fatally hit miss Taylor.

DISMANTLING Sicko Charlie Kirk’s Lies About Breonna Taylor

Both videos are reactions to the outrageous smear-videos by Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk; both darlings of white supremacists and other racists. They both do their very best to once again justify the police's actions. And I don't want to comment on that alone one way or the other. What I do want to comment on, and the reason why I share these videos, is the blatant lies told by these far right grifters, lies meant to reinforce the racist notion that black people are never innocent, that they are no angels, so to speak, and that therefore no one should complain when one of them dies at the hands of law-enforcement. These people, Candace, Charlie and their ilk, aren't people at all. Especially miss Owens, who is a traitor to her own people and as a consequence a traitor to her own beloved American nation. These are the same people who claim that there's no such thing as systemic racism, while making sure they do all they can to uphold the system that's inherently racist. What makes it even sadder is tat Owens' video reached more than 1 million views in the first 24 hours...


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