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Right now I'm listening to a Trump rally endorsing GOP candidates for the mid-term elections. All I hear is fearmongering and inciting hate against Democrats. Trump just said that a Democrat candidate endorses abortion after the child is born, and the crowd boos... (they really believe that nonsense) He then says Democrats re in favor of dismembering children. And the crowd boos. Then one of the GOP candidates (Mastriano, who has members of The Oath Keepers in his security outfit) comes on stage and greets Trump with "mr. President" before going on about fighting election and voter fraud; "we'll start with voter ID's!!" he says, and the crowd cheers. Then Trump takes the stand again and says about one of the Democrat candidates that "he doesn't even know what a woman is," playing into the hatred and fear for trans people. I could go on, but here I see politicians and a crowd who really hate their neighbors. Politicians ruining democracy by making it harder to vote, instead of easier. So, tell me, what did Biden say that even comes close to what I've just described... Really, I'm curious.


Ah, but that means that the division not only getting deeper, it means that both of them are actually working to deliberately provoke a civil war…

You think so? I must be hearing something different then, or maybe we're not talking about the same Biden speech... Again, I really want to understand you here: what did Biden say in his speech that was inflammatory, provoking, not true or insulting? If I call a fascist a fascist, that's not an insult, that's just stating a fact. Right?

I didn’t say Trump is not a fascist, @zyx066. I am not Trump fan. But when satanist call a fascist a fascist, then:

  1. you can’t consider a satanist positive guy

  2. you can’t expect a positive outcome

I'll ask you again: what's a satanist and how did you get the idea Biden is one?

So, how would you call a corrupt, incestuos pedophile who promotes forceful ‘vaccination’ with a deadly jab, serves as a frontman of an ‘elite’ promoting homosexual agenda, climate hoax, Great Reset, a warmonger who openly support Nazis in Ukraine and looks for a way to initiate WWIII?

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