Rhymes for Dimes – The Power Vacuum

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Rhymes for Dimes – The Power Vacuum


It sneaks up on you
In the middle, of the night
On special days; holidays
Legislation with bite

When you least expect it
They will, erect it
Constructing a law
Deceptively; pushing for more

Like a U-turn
Making a sick, manoeuvre
It sucks out your life
This Vacuum; a power Hoover

It’s tricky; dishonest
Embedded and wrapped
Shielding trees, in a forest
You wont find it, intact

The media asleep
A pack of devotees
Back up the truck
It’s a horrendous, disease

Laundering the money
To the elite; the corrupt
If you dare question it
Bend over; taketh the glove

There you go, peasant
Have you some crumbs
Our secrecy code
Conceals, the large sums

No soup for you
No leftover stew
Get back in line
You insignificant, slime...



As always, have a great day and PEACE


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