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For context purposes, I wrote the majority of this article on the day the Justin Sun drama started to unfold, when the blockchain itself became unusable. Therefore, I waited to return from holidays before completing and posting this. I’m sure the overall situation has changed and progressed somewhat during that time. However, the main points I wanted to make as a whole, are still valid and will be well into the future.


My general knowledge of the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak is somewhat limited, but I would hasten to add, that this would be the case with all of us at this moment in time, no matter what sources of information you have at your disposal. The numbers that are published officially, are very likely going to be inaccurate, and no institution or government agency is ever going to provide you with the real numbers (whether they know the real numbers or not – that is actually arguable based on the uncertainty of testing alone), no matter where they are located around the world. I am not going to magically transform into an ‘expert’ (whatever that actually means to different people), and claim to have any in-depth knowledge of viral infections and how they operate or spread either. I’m also not going to speculate, as to whether this outbreak being reported is real, fake, or claim to definitively know how it was spread in the first place, whether it be natural or man-made in nature. I do have my own opinions on that specifically, but I will leave them aside for the time being. There are more than enough news sources you can check for yourself, and come to your own conclusions.

Lets be honest about the entire situation and narrative surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak in general. Whether it be parts of the alternative media, or the currently long established incompetent mainstream media (I would argue deliberately so), there is so much misinformation being reported and spread by many different parties from different perspectives on this situation, that it's almost impossible to get a real handle on what is really going on, or what the actual numbers of infections are. I would generally argue that it doesn't even matter for the majority of us, since it's largely out of our hands. Everyone should do what they deem is in their best interests, to prepare for whatever catastrophe you may perceive to be underway. Being prepared for different possible scenarios and events, is always a good idea, regardless of the current circumstances we find ourselves in.

My focus in this post however, is on a slightly different angle surrounding the overall issue. The psychological warfare that is being deliberately seeded and targeted towards the general population in various forms, to engineer more of the good old divide and conquer tactics from the media and corrupt political classes, backed up by the deep state propaganda apparatus. This is Geo-Politics 101. Our guy good, their guy bad. We should all get outraged and beg for our politicians to save us from their bad guy, because we are good and righteous, and they are all evil. It usually ends up in more interventionism that costs thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives - no matter which side of the battle, you are on. From what I am observing right now, that same scenario is starting to be played out in the public discourse, and in my opinion in a somewhat similar fashion to what happened in the lead up to the interventionist wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I have always had a fascination with, and payed close attention in the way the media reports on these types of issues, and there are certainly some ominous signs that are rearing their ugly head - as per usual! Either way, any public crisis, always brings with it many opportunities for those in power, to carry out any long term agendas they may have brewing in the background! After all, these agendas were part of a long held plan or state doctrine in the majority of cases. Some of us would argue, in all cases.




Contrary to what some would like you to believe, psychological warfare is not exclusively a leftist or Communist ploy. That is an intellectually lazy and somewhat deliberate tactic to divert from ones actions, and push them into the other teams corner (i.e. blame the other side of what you actually do yourself). There is such a thing as right wing authoritarianism, and it's called ultra-nationalism. This long established game is played from both sides, by the divide and conquer overlords. I am starting to see real signs of convergence in some narratives being portrayed in both alternative media circles and mainstream media. Yes, of course many will reject that with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak, but It's something that I believe is really there....and I find that a little scary. Scarier than the virus itself...





I am personally not buying into some of the hysteria from the 'we are all going to die' crowd either, that is being reported from some sections of the alternative media. I am singling out the alternative media here, because we purport to seek the real truth, and be a better version of the mainstream propagandists that we generally reject. This is an important point that I wish to elaborate on.


The mainstream protagonists want nothing more than to sow the seeds of confusion/misinformation, to find any excuse to discredit any type of alternative discourse and/or research, and the ramifications of this can have huge implications on grassroots, internet freedom of speech. This wildfire spreading of misinformation can easily be turned around and used as a weapon against credible alternative journalism, by conveniently grouping everyone into the 'conspiracy theorist' category. It's a difficult slippery slope that we find ourselves in. A vast overflow of misinformation, can be just as lethal as censorship itself. What could go wrong? Well, you could actually be helping in enabling the very thing, you claim to be fighting against. For this reason we need to be cautious of what we spread as 'fact', and ensure that we don't use spurious sources, that some simple investigating can help alleviate. Most of the time it's simple logic. Not only that, but from the other end of the spectrum, we may also be helping in the spread of deliberately embedded misinformation by deep state actors who claim to be credible sources/information outlets who lurk in alternative circles. Make no mistake about it….the internet has been turned into an information war weapon. It's called, Full spectrum dominance and it's all part of the Cyber Warfare manual! No conspiracy theory there!


Full-spectrum dominance also known as full-spectrum superiority, is a military entity's achievement of control over all dimensions of the battlespace, effectively possessing an overwhelming diversity of resources in such areas as terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, extraterrestrial, psychological, and bio- or cyber-technological warfare.

Full spectrum dominance includes the physical battlespace; air, surface and sub-surface as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and information space. Control implies that freedom of opposition force assets to exploit the battlespace is wholly constrained.



Cyberspace is now recognized as a critical domain of operations by the U.S. military and its protection is a national security issue.

Plan X is a foundational cyberwarfare program to develop platforms for the Department of Defense to plan for, conduct, and assess cyberwarfare in a manner similar to kinetic warfare. Towards this end the program will bridge cyber communities of interest from academe, to the defense industrial base, to the commercial tech industry, to user-experience experts.

Plan X will not develop cyber offensive technologies or effects. National policymakers, not DARPA, will determine how the cyber capabilities developed under Plan X will be employed to serve the national security interests of the United States.
Cyberspace is now recognized as a critical domain of operations by the U.S. military and its protection is a national security issue.



Pictured above, is the overarching structure of the Department of Defense (DoD), which incorporates the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and it's Plan X, cyber 'defense' program.


I've seen many examples of people who are eager to spread constant fear porn and propaganda, that only the mainstream media, can be expertly proud of with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak. It's what the media does best, so please don't help them in furthering their own cause or agenda, by letting them manipulate you into doing their job for them. They understand that the game can be played from both sides, and they do have the ability to do this with their unlimited deep state funding and proxies at their disposal (i.e the online cyber-warfare military units themselves).

Lets also not forget, that in the not so distant past, the mainstream media was a constant whipping boy for spreading the same type of fear porn. Have we not learned from the past? Are things now somehow different because there is a different president residing in the White House (MAGA)? It seems so, according to some sections of the alternative media. For some reason, I've noticed some very real hypocrisy going on, in the constant revolving door circus of information war depending on which political side holds power. Why is this happening again? Every time there is a change in government, we see the two sides from the false left/right paradigm emerging from the shadows, and arguing the exact same talking points from the complete opposite sides of an argument that they would have before holding political power and influence. The faithful Q-Anon MAGA crowd, have suddenly stopped talking about foreign interventionism in negative terms (as if that was only an Obama/Billary plot), or anything that may harm the president currently holding the seat of power. Ha! It’s as if a switch is activated straight after an election and people suddenly and conveniently swap brains. It’s the never ending cycle that we never seem to be able to shake ourselves out of! The majority of people are duped and herded straight back into line...Trust the plan, they constantly repeat! As if that's not really just a mask for getting what they really wanted.

My own original meme. Posted March 27, 2018.


I remember a time when Obama was in the oval office and everything was fake and a hoax. Everything was also fake news! Well I have news for you...the news has always been ‘faked’ so to speak, to manipulate and steer the public towards a certain narrative and/or agenda, irrelevant of who holds political office. But now we have the situation, where people in the alternative media are spreading the fear porn themselves, without the full details at our disposal, and it’s suddenly now all real news! We are all going to die! Please be depressed and scared! Because China! Oh yeah, and Iran too! Sound familiar? Is it an accident that some of these nations are being singled out and targeted the most with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak information war? I don’t think so, especially when you closely observe some of the media reporting that surrounds the outbreak itself. Sure, those countries have the most cases of infection and deaths being reported, and that is a fact (according to what we currently know). However, be aware of what narratives you are encouraged to spread, because you may very well be leading the charge and giving your so-called political leaders an excuse, to engineer a case for the next interventionist agenda to be pursued in your name. It will be your hard earned tax dollars, that will be used as a leverage to pay for the slaughter of innocent lives….once again. Interventions into other nations affairs (this includes all nations, from all sides) usually ends up with more casualties of war on average, than any virus outbreak that may occur.

It may be way behind schedule, but it's still part of the plan. Trust the plan!

To watch the entire 15 minute interview, or read the transcript, click here.


Having said all of that, there is always room for well thought out opinions and speculation at times. We all make genuine mistakes at times too. Importantly, how you present your information, can be crucial in how it’s both spread and perceived by others. Do your due diligence and check the sources and where the trail leads you. I have noticed in recent times, that there are more and more websites and Youtube channels that are presented as ‘alternative news’, but are actually deliberately manufactured propaganda outlets. If you follow some of the leads and trails, you would be surprised to see that they are both funded and propped up by the establishment themselves. None of those sites however, are on any fake news blacklists, or are targeted by the so-called "fact checkers". Makes you wonder, right? Don’t be duped by warmongers, presenting themselves as freedom lovers!




As always, have a great day and PEACE



Hey PK... I completely agree and think you are spot on... I personally have no idea "why" they are doing it, but I have no doubt in my mind it is for a purpose. One idea that I have in the back of my mind is to crash the market. It has been overblown for a long time and now the virus is a good excuse of why the market is going to tank (even though it should've tanked over the last 5 years).

Good work and I think you are spot on!

The market angle is very real indeed! What better way to hide the real reasons of why the unsustainable economy is going to crash (eventually), than to blame it on the virus itself;) "Sorry guys, no money left. Please accept our cure" lol.

As always my friend, well thought out and magnificently put. There is clearly something turning here, but unlikely we will know the truth behind any of it anytime soon. Regarding agencies like DARPA and IARPA... anytime I find myself researching either I lose all track of time. Consistent horrified fascination keeps my eyes glued to the screen. I enjoyed the read and damn sure resteemimng. Will probably circle back and leave a more detailed comment later. Keep up the awesome work matey.

OK champ! Thanks for stopping by with your comment:)

It's true, that we will never really know! It's a bit of a guessing game amongst all the info you can find...

I note that war is a racket, and we are all going to die. I make these points because overlords profiting from genocide is the primary business model of geopolitics, and it's ridiculous to neglect the generally fatal consequences to society of that business model.

For all practical purposes, the geopolitical profiteers will undertake to benefit from a global pandemic whether it's just enemedia propaganda, or actual. It's also existentially risky to assume without extraordinary evidence that the multitude of reporters of pandemic are mere artifacts of propaganda. Don't count on it for your life.

Therefore the reasonable course is to consider the reports from ground zero of infection loci as credible absent evidence it is not, and to project from those reports and history what overlords will do to profit from it.

Presently I reckon that equates us all to Falun Gong practitioners in China over recent decades in the eyes of our bankster overlords, and the most draconian social controls you can reasonably predict are coming.

YMMV, but prepare per your understanding as best you can.


I do agree with you, and I'm certainly not saying that it shouldn't be taken at all seriously. I do feel though, that sometimes we are playing into the hands of a different agenda as well (as you well know). More importantly however, I have noticed some very shady things going on in the interwebs space in general. Of course that has always existed, but I'm seeing it even more so than before. A lot of fakery being spread in between genuinely good information. Almost as if it's deliberate. Thanks for your comment!

Oh, I'm sure they're lying to us, confusing factual evidence with disinformation, and generally seeking to worsen our vulnerability to their depredations.

That doesn't mean there isn't an ongoing pandemic. Have you ever stubbed your toe and then banged your shin hopping around clutching your toe? That's metaphorically what's going on IMHO.

Yes agreed again, and nice analogy lol. But my focus here really wasn't about the actual pandemic itself, because we have you doing that for us:)

"...doing that for us..."

God forbid I am the guy standing on that wall.

Don't count on me. I am easily fooled, and more easily yet eliminated.

We all need to understand the threats we face, because we are personally and individually responsible for our personal survival.

Stand and deliver, my friend. I will let you down if you leave it up to me.

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