Covid-19 lockdown day 61 – War for the global narrative

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By now I presume there are very few on this planet who really know the accurate truth about what’s going on regarding this covid pandemic and lockdown. We have all heard bits and pieces of the bigger picture from divergent sources, some real, some speculative, some theoretical and some personal experience. But none of us on the ground, the 99%, are probably aware of just how deep this rabbit hole goes.
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At present there appears to be a global war for the official narrative of what is going on right now. There is what really happened, and what we think happened and then there is what those in control want us to believe happened. Even national leaders like my president are probably getting their orders from some international bodies as to how to conduct the nation’s lockdown. They may add a few embellishments of their own, to further their personal ends, but the PTB who act as executive command council during a national state of emergency or a pandemic, are acting upon advice while they sit behind a monitor looking at stats from various sources.

But as to what really went down with the origin of the virus, whether it is as dangerous as they speculate, based on theoretical models and lab experiments, whether it was a bio-weapon or engineered or deliberate or accident or overkill or slow reaction or whatever, who really knows, pun intended. And the WHO is influenced by China this year, so when they pushed the WHO to delay reporting any urgency, something may have been up. Whether there was any urgency or not is another story, but the narrative thrust upon the world country by country of the rumored virus outbreak was controlled from the start.

This is perhaps a psyop war for the minds of the masses, but is it China with the most to benefit, or the west, or the Gates Foundation, or the great Architect? –In this pyramid of power, it’s a need-to-know basis and we at the bottom do not need to know. But what we do know is that stats were faked as to positive deaths in hospitals in so-called hotspots like New York. The media raged about the massive numbers, while others raged about how the numbers are totally fake and how many hospitals are actually empty. Then there were the expert speculations about whether to wear a mask or not, first yes then no, so we still don’t really know for sure. I mean there are equally rabid instances from doctors on both sides of the argument.

Then there is the ban on beaches, when they are the most healthy place to be. So much of the narrative and logic is incomprehensible. And that is what I mean when I say that all we can do is speculate based on our limited amount of info and based on our cognitive bias. We are all just clutching at loose ends. And all the while we are being pulled into a negative spiral in the sense that our lifestyles, our freedoms and our very lives and futures are being dragged downward and into the unknown. And we have no idea where the bottom of this nose dive is.

The economy already hit the floor like a dead cat, as they call it in the financial world, literally. A “dead cat bounce” is when the stock price plunges down so fast and so hard and then bounces up in a V-shape for a while, like now. This is a classic bearish pattern, and the saying is that even a dead cat will bounce if you drop it hard or far enough, or something macabre like that. Whoever invented that saying was definitely a numbers guy and not a linguist. It does give you the picture though of where we stand now financially and even more, on an all around bigger picture so far on the planet. We crashed on so many levels hard and fast over these past two months. Now we, like the stock market, seem to be lifting up back to a rumor of normality, but overall the worst is yet to come.

The global bankruptcies of mega corporations – like Hertz car rental – are all flooding in now. Add to that airlines and entire malls, with all their retail rental shops (except supermarkets perhaps). And on top of that personal spending power is weakened to such a degree that even if we had an immediate opening up once more, most people don’t have the cash to spend us out of a recession, or won’t spend as much out of fear of the current recession. We are all clinging to our saved pennies and coin right now, as most global currencies, fiat in general, appears to be looking weaker by the day. And fiat is nothing but a vote of collective confidence in a piece of paper. And that confidence can wane overnight, especially when the government or whoever prints trillions more of the currency out of thin air. That is where we are today, so nothing is certain and nothing is for sure. It’s all just rumor and speculation and hype and propaganda and lies. At best there are a few individuals calling for sanity and pointing at the emperor’s new clothes.

But the tide will turn, for China will not run the WHO next year, as the leadership goes to India on a rotational basis. And India is in bed with USA against their shared despised enemy China, so there will be a global call to investigate China and their role in the narrative at the start of this whole pandemic. And with this pandemic now weaponized for political ends, that may be the one lever that slows down the rise to world power of China...for a while. But they are a giant dragon that has only recently awakened, so it may be the long game that is being played here. The question is, who has the longer vision and who is how many steps ahead of the other? That will determine the ride we will be taking from here onward into the unforseeable and indefinite future now under the new normal.

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