An Epidemic of Fear & the Virus of Victimization | Transcending 2-Party Politics & the Path to Self Empowerment

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I think it is safe to say that this country is currently far more divided than ever before, and bitterly divided at that. The 2020 election and ensuing chaos showcased this reality, and the great divide is still painfully visible here in America. The media can’t go a day without fueling the partisan division, stoking the flames of hatred in its desperate attempt to start a race war, and relentlessly fearmongering its audiences with nonstop coverage of the perpetual pandemic that never was.

Left versus right, black versus white, you need to hate more and think less, blindly trust the system while fighting against or running scared from your own neighbors; the steady barrage of media propaganda has become so predictable and insane, with an endless barrage of the scary dropping case numbers used to perpetuate the fear as they drum up the hate. It’s no wonder the country’s so divided, the news wouldn’t have it any other way!

Just one example of exactly how divided we have become, and particularly how divided the establishment wants us to be, comes from a piece written by an LA Times columnist, in which the author struggles with how to deal with neighboring Trump supporters shoveling the driveway of her country getaway following an unusually big winter storm - without asking for payment or demanding to know her political affiliation mind you. Of course she couldn’t just accept such a weird random act of kindness the likes of which she claims never ever takes place in the city, and just had to inquire as to what side of the political isle these mysteriously caring neighborly helping hands resided upon, because she apparently couldn’t just see a neighbor helping a neighbor as simply a kind and loving neighbor - one human being helping another human being in a time of need. And then instead of simply being grateful and seeing the random act of kindness as a sign that even at least a few of her political opponents might in fact have good hearts, and as an opportunity to bridge a bitter political divide, she instead took it upon herself to use the story as an opportunity to further widen that divide as she proceeded to rant about her hatred of Trump supporters and why in her opinion they are the root of all problems arising in this country - even the ones who love their neighbor as themselves without regard to political or religious affiliation. The time of limiting the amount of gratitude we extend in response to acts of kindness not based on how kind they were, but upon the political affiliation of those carrying them out, is upon is... And this is a sure sign of the absolute insanity taking hold of society!


That the left-right paradigm consists of 2 sides of the very same coin, or 2 wings of the same bird upon which the flight plan never changes should be self evident for anyone with any semblance of independent though left in this age of insanity, and this truth has been so well established elsewhere that I will not expound further on this truth here.


It is enough to see that the Covid1984 agenda has continued to march forward without interruption between the two supposedly polar opposite presidential administrations with the same Dr. Fauci remaining as head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and the continuation of the same perpetual imperial wars abroad and construction of the same biosecurity state at home. In fact this agenda has marched steadily forward uninterrupted and plain for all to see since the days of G.W. Bush, from 9/11 to Covid1984, now through four different presidential administrations, two democrat and two republican.

As Corey Lynn writes over at Corey’s Digs in an amazing, very highly recommended 5-part expose on ‘Covid19’, the establishment response to the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ was designed with the ultimate goal of putting the people into a perpetual state of intense fear, the likes of which even 9/11 was unable to produce.

Indeed, to that end they have been marvelously successful. The sorcerers on high have cast a potent spell of fear upon the earth, and few there are who have escaped its poisonous effects. Not only are millions of people dreadfully terrified of a [not so] deadly virus that has a 99.9+% survival rate, but millions more are living in great fear of the emerging totalitarian technocracy that is rising in its wake.

And as we should all know by now, fear is the real killer, and the ultimate tool of control and division.

“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

So not only are those caught up in the media propaganda living in perpetual fear of the invisible enemy - the [not so] deadly ‘virus’ hiding within any and potentially all fellow human beings around them who are deemed likely ‘asymptomatic carriers’ - but many of those outside the media’s realm of control are also living in perpetual fear of a very visible and real enemy - the emerging tyrannical biosecurity state and global technocracy designed to be the foundation of a ‘new world order’. As free as those in the latter camp may believe themselves to be, they are just as enslaved to fear as those buying into the pandemic narrative peddled by the establishment media and its merry band of ‘experts’ under the guise of the ‘war on Covid19’ - which is in all reality a new world religion, or as some would describe it the covid cult.

Even those who have risen above the 2-party illusion will naturally find themselves next feeling victimized by the whole corrupt system, and must still rise above victimization altogether if they ever hope to truly free their mind. The first step for most on the path to liberation is awakening to the 2-party illusion, and one must shed a great deal of ignorance holding their mind in shackles to do so, but this must then be followed by awakening to the illusion of victimization and freeing oneself of all fear if true liberation and self-empowerment is ever to be attained.

At the moment there really can be no denying it, we are living in the midst of an epidemic of fear, and the real virus is neither the left or the right, nor even the entire corrupt 2-party establishment, but rather the victimization that fuels all three. Even the greatest empires and most tyrannical dictatorships fall, but only a society free from the invisible shackles of fear and victimization can prevent a new and greater tyranny from rising in its place. All systems and governments are only reflections of the consciousness of the people they claim to represent, and this is why violent revolutions, no matter how well intentioned they are, inevitably end with just a slightly different flavor of tyranny and oppression.

The ‘pandemic’ has brought our greatest societal fears to the forefront of the collective consciousness, and the election has brought this virus of victimization to the surface for all to see, and society is thus being given a major opportunity to deal with the roots of the problems fueling both the unprecedented level of fear on this planet and the great American divide.

People on the left typically see capitalism, white nationalism/supremacy, and currently what is deemed Trumpist fascism as the problem, while those on the right typically see socialism, communism and a leftist Clinton-backed ‘deep state’ as the problem. Those on the left feel victimized by capitalist policies (crony capitalism/corporatism) and the billionaire class, which have created a massive ever-growing disparity between the ultra rich and the poor. Meanwhile those on the right feel victimized by what is perceived as socialist/communist policies that infringe upon their most cherished personal freedoms, indiscriminately shut down their businesses in the name of ‘public safety’ and increase taxation to what they feel is unbearable levels. Whenever one party regains power after 4-8 years of feeling victimized, it turns from victim to victimizer in order to punish the party (and its followers) for its perceived crimes against itself and its followers in its attempt to ‘right the wrongs of the past’. Then after another 4-8 more years the process repeats in reverse, with a greater and greater fury along with increasing hatred and bitterness the longer this vicious cycle plays out.

The reason this great divide has become so unbridgeable is because nobody can agree on who the victims are and who the oppressors victimizing them are. Both sides see the other side as the oppressor and themselves as the victims, as no one in this state of consciousness is willing to admit that they are in fact a party to any victimization, and the victims are unwilling to stop seeing themselves as victims.

Such is the nature of oppressors, to always see themselves as heroes and saviors, with even the likes of Hitler and Stalin seeing themselves as their country’s savior, with both having strong support from among their countrymen. And so it is, just as the saying goes, that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

Likewise those in a victim mentality will manage to find evidence of victimization somewhere, even if it doesn’t truly exist. This is most easily done by identifying others as fellow victims, and then together these groups of victims form a collective victim consciousness, which is exponentially more difficult to free oneself from then personal victim mentality. This is why the media fights tooth and nail to divide us primarily by casting particular groups as victimizers and others as victims, thus reinforcing the collective victim consciousness of the various groups cast as victims. This has never been more clear to see than in the media coverage of the events of 2020 into early 2021.

Now society has reached a point where the absolute insanity of it all has become manifest for all to see - from riots in the streets to cancel culture, from the storming of the capitol to death threats being made from radicalized youth on both sides of the political isle, and from BLM/Antifa to the Proud Boys, the violence, hatred, bitterness and unwillingness to engage in dialogue with ‘the other side’ has left society seemingly unrepairable split down the middle - and this too was to some degree all by establishment design. Left versus right, black versus white, rich versus poor, communism versus fascism, it is all part of the 2-party illusion and orchestrated establishment effort to perpetuate division in order to maintain control over the people, all of us - classic divide and conquer - and most fell right into the trap that was laid for them. But it is also a symptom of an even deeper problem that even the establishment agenda is only a reflection of, and that problem is in large part victimization, which in turn is fueled by our most deeply held fears, including our fear of taking full responsibility for our lives.

The Drama Triangle and Virus of Victimization

While physical suffering truly exists, victimization itself is a state of mind, and thus whether or not external suffering creates a victim or not is all in the mind of the one who is suffering.

This is why a great many poor people in Africa who are living on less than two dollars per day are still somehow truly quite happy most of the time, walking around with a smile on their face, going about their daily business living in the present moment. At the same time there are a great number of rich westerners who seemingly have everything they could possibly want, or at least everything western society tells them they want - more than enough money in the bank, a stable career, nice cars, a pretty wife, an expensive mansion with a swimming pool, and so forth - and yet they are miserably depressed, busy rushing through life, stressed out and worrying about the future, turning to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and sometimes even committing suicide. The former example is clearly a ‘victim’ of circumstance, in many cases directly caused by western imperial policies, and yet remains generally happy, not living from a victim mentality. Meanwhile the latter example is not a victim of any external circumstance but rather a wealthy beneficiary of the same consumerist imperial policies ‘victimizing’ the former example and yet is miserable inside, a victim of their own state of mind.

Fear and victimization go hand in hand, as we inevitably fall victim to whatever we fear, and so long as we live in fear are victims of the fear itself. Only once we are free from fear are we immune to falling victim to that which we once feared.

“A man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears.” - Michel de Montaigne

Those who feared a Trump administration immediately became victims of Trump the day he was elected, while those who feared a Biden administration now feel as if they are victims of Biden and his policies. In reality, however, the people on both sides are only actually victims in their own minds.

The root of victimization is identification with the body perceived to be a victim, combined with refusal to take personal responsibility. Or, in other words, a false sense of self combined with projection of our deepest fears and greatest hopes onto others who fall into the categories of oppressor/victimizer and hero/savior. There is this model that helps make sense of the cycle of victimization called the drama triangle, seen below.


To be a victim, there must be an oppressor, and oppressors need victims in order to perpetuate their oppression. Of course if there is an oppressor who is to blame for our victimization, then there also needs to be a savior to rescue us from the ones victimizing us, a hero outside of ourselves. Thus those on the left who felt victimized by evil orange man Trump and his conspiratorial band of racist right wingers looked to Biden as their savior. Similarly those who had felt victimized by Obama and his evil anti-white socialist takeover of America are the ones who looked to Trump as their savior, and now that Trump’s rule is over they are victims once again, this time to Biden and his evil band of globalist commie technocrats. Of course those who put their faith in Trump to ‘drain the swamp’ and ‘take down the deep state’ were sorely let down, and are now hopefully beginning to see the futility of giving all of their power away to a savior figure outside of themselves, which is classic cult mentality. The same goes for those who have put their faith and trust in Biden and the Democratic Party to ‘save them from Trump’ and all other right-wing evils, as they will in turn also be let down, and so the vicious cycle goes.

The irony of this tangled web of victimization is that the oppressor always sees themselves as the savior, and the one who is seen as a savior to some is seen as oppressor to the others. Such is the confusion wrought upon those deluded by the 2-party illusion, and indeed all those caught up in the drama triangle. The only solution is to exit this perpetual cycle of drama altogether, or forever remained trapped within it, shifting back and forth from victim to victimizer.

For much more interesting discussion on Trump and Biden in relation to spirituality and the drama triangle, I recommend the following two videos, really just two parts of the same discussion, from the Leaves of the Tree Healing YouTube channel:

On Trump not being our savior (9 min.):

On Biden & his powerlessness (26 min.):

From a religious and spiritual standpoint the trust in savior figures to ‘save us’ from that which we fear is an act of idolatry, while from a psychological standpoint it is considered projection, and no matter how you look at it the end result is perpetuation of a vicious cycle of victimization, strife, hatred, punishment, and revenge that gets nobody anywhere, except dug deeper into their own perceived victim-hood. The victims always eventually become the oppressors in their attempt to exact justice upon the ‘bad guys’, and the ensuing viscous cycle leads to exactly the place this country is at right now; to greater and greater anger and depression, both of which eventually erupt into violence - either towards the perceived oppressor in the case of anger or with self harm and even suicide in the case of depression.

Those who attempt to empower themselves from a state of victimization are those who, instead of putting their faith in a savior figure, turn into rioters and social justice warriors, or all-out violent revolutionaries. They are still seeking solutions outside of themselves by attempting to control circumstances and force their ideas of justice and equality on others, rather than first freeing themselves from their sense of victim-hood, at which point they would see that truth needs no defense and morality can not be forced on anyone and remain moral. The moment morality is forced on anyone, it becomes morally bankrupt, and turns the freedom fighters into terrorists, causing one to become the very thing they once loathed.

So it is that only nonviolent resistance will bring about real lasting positive change, as the only way to overcome evil is with good. As MLK said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

The pursuit of world peace by those who have not yet found inner peace is futile, and those attempting to liberate themselves from external physical chains of oppression without first freeing themselves from fear and the associated sense of victimization are doomed to fail. All real, lasting change comes from the inside out, not the other way around, a great truth that has been long forgotten by this materialistically driven society taught to fear the world around us that is in some way to blame for nearly every problem that arises in our life.

Handing over your power others is a sure path to disappointment, as anyone you put all your trust and faith in can let you down and leave you in a state of deep pain and misery. When we rely on others to protect us and make us feel safe, we are always at the mercy of those doing the ‘protecting’, and once they are gone, we are thrown back into a state of fear, confusion, anger, and disappointment, left seeking out a new savior/protector, until we finally decide to take responsibility for our own life and happiness and begin to take steps towards self-empowerment rather than endure the next round of victimization. The same goes for happiness, and so long as we rely on anyone or anything outside ourselves for our happiness, our fate will always lie in the hands of those around us.

Societal constructs - from education to religion, and entertainment to politics - have done a great job of programming us to avoid personal responsibility and instead blame all of our ‘problems’ on circumstances, people, and systems outside of us, distracting us from the real issues and leaving us all greatly disempowered.

The Path to Self-Empowerment

The only real solution is to take back our power, and the only way to do that is to first take full responsibility for our lives, by realizing that nothing and nobody but me can choose what thoughts I think, what perceptions I hold, and what choices I make. The only way to heal ourselves from the virus of victimization and break free from the chains of fear that bind us is the path of self-empowerment, and it all starts with personal responsibility.

The easiest way to do this is to begin focusing on those things we do have full control over, and stop worrying about and obsessing over those things that are out of our control. The more we worry about a problem in our life, the bigger the problem becomes in our mind, as anything we focus on grows. So if we focus on the things we have control over and the ways in which we are actually able to better our lives, our sense of empowerment grows.

Then, as we begin to change ourselves and the way we look at the world, the world around us begins to change to align with our perception of it. The more we take responsibility for our life, the more control over our life we gain, and the more empowered we begin to feel, the more empowered we actually become. Problems without solutions turn into opportunities for growth and expansion, and all of the energy we once spent on attempting to control that which is out of our control is now available to use for our own development, advancement, and happiness. And as we embark upon this path, we will also find that we begin to attract the types of situations into our lives that we seek, instead of those we used to worry about and fight against.

As a first step, all we must do is shift our focus from our sphere of concern (worries we can’t do much about) to our sphere of control (everything we have control over in our life), and by doing so, our choices and the change of focus from the external to the internal and from worry to personal responsibility will in turn begin to influence those in our sphere of influence.


As we turn inward to face our own inner darkness, personal weaknesses, and greatest fears, we begin to realize that all of those things outside of us that were once triggering us were in fact just reflections of our own inner faults and refusal to take full responsibility for our lives.

Those leftists who advocate for state-sponsored socialism from a victim mentality in which they see themselves as one of ‘the poor being oppressed by the rich’ in order to counter this economic disparity, may begin to see that as poor as they feel in comparison to the rich ones, they still weren’t willing to share the little extra cash they had with a neighbor in far greater need than themselves, unwilling to give the five bucks for a Friday night movie rental to a homeless beggar on the street for example, or lacking the willpower to go out and join or help build a voluntary socialist community based upon their ideals. And those on the right who feel victimized by a system engaging in taxation without representation or mandating masks against their will may come to realize that they were unwilling to take personal steps to withdraw their monetary support in the form of taxes from that corrupt system, or to find the courage and willpower to refuse to wear a mask no matter the cost.

In both of these examples from the opposite sides of the political spectrum, those perceiving themselves as victims to an oppressor, whether a tyrannical government or greedy capitalists, were in fact feeling victimized because they weren’t taking full personal responsibility to be the change they wanted to see in the world, and were instead projecting that responsibility onto others. I know from personal experience that all four above-mentioned solutions are possible, no matter what anyone says to the contrary.

Everyone has the ability to help better their own lives and to help those around them in some way, if not with monetary assistance then by some other means. Community living, essentially a form of voluntary socialism, can and does work, at least under certain circumstances, and there are a variety of communes and off-grid communities popping up all across the planet in these changing times, although some have already long existed.

Nobody is forcing you to pay taxes or wear a mask, or stay at a hated corporate job for that matter, no matter what society tells you.

Many people including myself have found a way to stop monetarily funding a corrupt system we do not wish to support, to escape unfulfilling lifestyles and to go around maskless even where mask mandates are most stringently enforced. It just takes focus, dedication, willpower, a little creativity, a lot of courage, and a strong sense of standing in one’s own personal truth and morality.

Both of the stereotypical examples of people mentioned above do have valid concerns, as taxation without consent is indeed theft, and the greed fueling the great wealth disparity visible in the world today is a real issue that cannot continue to be ignored.

But great spiritual masters throughout history, like Jesus as the most widely known example for instance, despite railing against the rich whom he even described as evil, did not teach his followers to rob the rich to feed the poor or to get involved in politics and advance government-instituted socialism or aid programs. Instead he taught his followers not to be like the rulers of the earth who seek to exercise authority over others, and to rather sell their possessions to feed the poor, or to share what excess they had with their neighbors, and to create their own communities in which people could voluntarily join and all possessions were shared equally amongst all members and everyone had plenty with no massive wealth disparity. This serves as an ancient example of a spiritually based voluntary socialist community, but it wasn’t even close to the first of its kind, nor has it been the last.

The attempt to control others, whether through societal pressure, gun control measures, censorship, war and domination, mask mandates, taxes, or any other means, both political and otherwise, is a classic sign of both fear and disempowerment. Only those who feel powerless attempt to control others, and their doing so is an attempt to gain power, usually to alleviate fear. Those who fear guns wish to ban them, those who fear particular ideas wish to censor them, those who fear the ‘virus’ and have placed their faith in masks wish to mandate masks, and so on and so forth. Likewise most of those living in fear of the ‘virus’ in some way feel victimized by it, while those who fear the resulting tyrannical measures and where our country is heading under a Biden presidency and associated technocratic rule feel victimized by such emerging policies.

Yes, there are sometimes other factors involved such as greed and hunger for power, but even those drives are ultimately stemming from fear and victimization. The desire to occupy nations in order to take their oil stems from a fear of losing control of oil supply, maybe a fear of loss in profits by the corporations involved or that we won’t have enough oil for our own ‘needs’. And those power-hungry psychopaths for whom no amount of power seems to ever satisfy their hunger, such tyrants are driven by a fear that if they don’t continually assume more power over others, then they will lose the power and control they already have, and they are already acting out of a sense of potential victimization from those they are currently oppressing. Although in their minds these types of people in such high positions of power surely see themselves as savior figures and not oppressors of humanity, but they are nonetheless fully immersed in the drama triangle, and are thus perpetuating the cycles of victimization.

Our goal, if we truly wish to bring about lasting positive change in both our personal lives and the world we live in, is to exit the drama triangle and empower ourselves. And the only way out is in. The only way out of the matrix is within us. The only way out of the confusion and insanity is to go within ourselves for the answers. Then, as we embark upon this inner journey and begin to connect with the ultimate Truth that lies within us, we begin to realize that right there inside of us also lies the source of all Power in the universe.

And this is terrifying to most, who would rather remain victims forever than to face their own true power, as most people are more afraid of their own inner light than even their own inner darkness. This is because the inner light threatens their ego-identity, and being identified with the ego, they see this light as direct threat against their very existence.

Therefore we must first transcend our ego identity, in order to gain a true sense of self. ‘I am the body’ is the ego’s chief belief and big lie, although the ego also identifies with circumstances, fame, money, possessions and external relationships - anything that can reinforce its sense of separation. But the ego is simply a mental construct, and is thus not real. As long as we identify as black or white, gay or straight, left or right, male or female and so forth, then our sense of self can be attacked and we can be victimized. The same goes for those whose sense of self is an identification with a specific social circle, political party or material possessions, for these too can be taken away to leave us feeling victimized once again.

But, as A Course in Miracles teaches, “Nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” That which cannot be threatened cannot be victimized, and thus self realization is the ultimate means of freeing ourselves from the virus of victimization once and for all, and attaining ultimate self-empowerment.

The great short video below, filled with motivational words of wisdom from Dr. Wayne Dyer, details the six lies of the false self and the simple solution, to remember and then embody our true Self, which is simply pure, unconditional love.

After all, if our sense of self transcends the ego’s identifications to instead identify with our true Self, the witness of our ever-changing life as a body, the aspect of us that remains forever unchanged throughout all external changes from birth to death and life again, then a victim we can never be. The only way to truly empower ourselves is to realize our true identity as eternal souls, divine sparks, pieces of God, expressions of love, the I Am presence in all life, with all of us a part of the whole, the One Universe, the One Source of life, and thus not separated from others in the way we are taught we are nor limited by the constraints of this 3D world in the way science has taught us for centuries.

Racism has no power to victimize those who do not identify by the color of their skin, and changes in political parties in control of congress have no power to victimize those who do not identify with any particular political affiliation. Sexists cannot victimize those whose sense of identity is not wrapped up in their gender, and those who are not identified by their possessions cannot be victimized by those who would rob them. Even the mightiest tyrants have no power to victimize those whose minds are free, whose sense of freedom transcends physical liberation.

The spirit that is free cannot be bound, and a mind once fully liberated cannot be shackled by even the strongest material chains; not even death itself can threaten such a soul. The greatest tyrant of all is the one living in our own mind, our only true salvation lies within our own heart, and herein lies the key to enlightenment, the end of all suffering, and healing from the destructive virus of victimization.

Self-empowered individuals naturally empower those around them, as love wants all fellow living beings to likewise be happy and free. Those who have risen above victim consciousness do not sit back and do nothing to alleviate the suffering around them, nor do they remain silent in the face of tyranny and oppression. They speak truth to power with the aim of empowering the oppressed rather than as an act of war against the oppressor. They choose to have compassion on those who are suffering rather than pitying them, extending a helping hand to those in need rather than focusing their energy exclusively on fighting against those causing the pain. By refusing to see those around us as fellow victims and victimizers, but rather fellow human souls who simply seek to love and be loved as much as the rest of us, and by treating them as we would want to be treated without judgement, we both empower them and disarm the oppressor.

Fighting against evil only strengthens it, so we must fight on behalf of all that is good instead. Rather than hating evil, we must instead focus on loving the good that is in the world, because there is so much good in this world that is too often ignored and neglected while attention is given instead to all the darkness that surrounds us. We must focus on building alternative ethical systems and communities rather than fighting the corrupt ones responsible for causing so much of the darkness and oppression we face in our world today.

Starve the beast and feed the light, and the beast will be no more, for the more we strive to fight it, the stronger its power will grow and the weaker we will become in the process.

Darkness cannot exist anywhere the light shines, so we must focus on shining our light on the world rather than on fighting the darkness that appears to be consuming it. We must learn to return evil with good, love our enemies, and stand strong in our truth no matter what the world thinks or says of us, or we will continue down the path of insanity that has brought us the broken world of pain, division, doubt and confusion we now find ourselves living in.

The problems of our world cannot be solved from the same states of consciousness out of which they arose. The only real healing we can accomplish is in our own minds, and once our minds are healed, the whole world will already be saved, because it is only from our sick and broken minds that this world of insanity was ever born in the first place.

“Claiming yourself to be a victim does not make you morally virtuous or powerful. It is a cheap cardboard imitation of true empowerment. It keeps you divided from reality and trapped in suffering.

“Victimization is the true virus that has swept our nation, and the solution is never going to be found in agreeing on who the real victims are, but in agreeing we are all One, and valuable beyond measure. We have to stop the hatred, the violence, and the dissension between one another. We are insane, and only love can heal us.

“Telling people that they are victims is not loving, it is attacking them. We can have compassion on those who suffer without seeing them as victims. We can speak truth to power in love. We can stand against oppression in peace, by simply refusing to give it our power. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and we have seen enough of the fruits of victimization in our country to know beyond any doubt that it is a poisonous tree. The time has come to recognize that victimization is not empowerment. An oppressor needs somebody to oppress, it cannot exist alone, so by refusing to see yourself as someone’s victim, you destroy the victimizer in turn.”

I don’t think I could have found better words to end this post with, and the above quotations are by Aaron Abke, taken from his fairly recent video, The Virus of Victimization, a concise and enlightened discussion of the issue and solution to this virus that has plagued our world for far too long.

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