History Of Origin Aceh Called Serambi Mecca

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Aceh is a province that is almost one hundred percent Muslim. Many historians, both domestic and foreign, argue that Islam first entered Indonesia through Aceh.

In a number of records, including Wikipedia, that Marco Polo who stopped at Perlak in 1292 stated that the country had adopted the religion of Islam. Likewise Samudera Pasai, based on the tomb found in the former kingdom and the news sources that exist that this kingdom has become an Islamic kingdom around 1270.

About the history of the development of Islam in the Aceh region in the early days, such as manuscripts originating from within their own country such as the Book of Malay History, the Story of the Kings of Pasai, it was written, a missionary named Sheikh Ismail had come from Mecca intentionally towards the Ocean to convert the people there.

Islam that entered Aceh in particular, and Indonesia in general, initially followed the streets and trading cities on the coast, then spread to the interior. Traders and missionaries have played an important role in the spread of Islam.

Historically sociologically, the entry and development of Islam into an area is very complex. There are many problems associated with it, for example where it came from, who brought it, what is its background and how was the dynamics, both in terms of Islamic teachings and adherents.

There are a number of opinions stating when the entry of Islam into Aceh. Hamka, as quoted by Wikipedia, believes that Islam entered Aceh since the first century of the Hijri (7th or 8th CE) but it became a populist religion in the 9th century as Ali Hasjmy argued.

Whereas Orientalists like Snouck Hourgronje argued that Islam entered in the 13th century AD which was marked by the establishment of the Samudra Pasai Sultanate.

Zainuddin, a historian, said in Aceh Serambi Mecca, that most historical records about Aceh before AD 400 are not known clearly. In fact, the notes of J Kreemer, an Islamic scientist, as quoted by Aboebakar Atjeh said that before 1500 the history of Aceh was still unknown.

Snouck Hurgronye shows a little picture that indicates the influence of Hinduism in Aceh, by paying attention to the way of dressing Acehnese women who he said bearded tilted similar to the way of Hindu women.

Still according to Snouck, directly or indirectly, Hinduism at one time flowed into Aceh's civilization and language although this is very difficult to study in history and tradition.

Julius Jacob, a health expert who had served in Aceh in 1878 stated that the influence of Hinduism on the population could at least be found with the fact about the use of place names in Hindu, the term contained in Acehnese.

Our question, as the title of this article is about the origin of Aceh is called the Veranda of Mecca, that, in the 15th century AD, Aceh had received a very honored title from the Muslim archipelago with the nickname "Veranda of Mecca".

A title full of religious nuances, faith, and piety. Awarding the title, according to the historian expert analysis, there are 5 reasons why Aceh bears that noble title.

  1. Aceh is the first area to convert to Islam in the archipelago, precisely in the East coast region, Peureulak, and Pasai. From Aceh Islam developed very quickly throughout the archipelago to the Philippines. The Aceh missionaries left their hometown to spread the religion of Allah to humans. Some people among Wali Songo who brought Islam to Java came from Aceh, namely Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Sunan Ngampel, and Syarif Hidayatullah.

  2. The Aceh region was once the center of science in the Archipelago with the presence of Jami'ah Baiturrahman (Baiturrahman University) complete with various faculties. Students studying in Aceh come from all over the world, from Turkey, Palestine, India, Bangladesh, Pattani, Mindanau, Malaya, Brunei Darussalam, and Makassar.

  3. The Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam has received recognition from Syarif Makkah on behalf of the Islamic Caliphate in Turkey that the Kingdom of Aceh is a "protector" of other Islamic kingdoms in the archipelago. Therefore all the sultans of the archipelago recognized the Sulatan Aceh as their "umbrella" in carrying out royal duties.

  4. Fourth, the Aceh region was once the base / port of Hajj for the entire Archipelago. Archipelago Muslims who make the pilgrimage to Mecca by boat, before crossing the Indian Ocean spend up to six months in Bandar Aceh Darussalam. The villages around Pelanggahan are now a haven for pilgrims.

  5. There are many similarities between Aceh (at that time) with Mecca, together with Islam, Shafi'i, Islamic culture, Islamic attire, Islamic entertainment, and punishment with Islamic law. The entire population of Mecca is Muslim and the entire population of Aceh is also Muslim.

This is the only historical information about Aceh that I can convey. If there are deficiencies, please comment below.

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