Be prepared for during a natural disaster - Worksheet for learners

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We live in a world where a lot of things can happen in nature that causes destruction.  

These can be things like floods, fire, earthquakes and storms.

image source

  • What is the meaning of "causes destruction"?
  • Which natural disasters do you see in the picture?
  • Natural disasters is something that happens in nature and can cause damage.  Look at the picture again.  Imagine that you are living in an area where these disasters happen.  How will you feel, what will you do?

Too much water

If it rains a lot and the rivers overflow or a lot of snow melts at once or maybe a dam wall broke and there is nowhere for the water to go or it does not go into the ground fast enough, floods will occur.

This means that the water will fill up the houses and all the roads will be covered with water.  


People will have to leave their houses and all their possessions behind.  Afterwards there will be a lot of problems because there will be no fresh water or electricity available.  It will take a long time before everything is build up again.

  • Think about the following - if a flood occurs in your area, how will you look after yourself, your family and your pets.  
  • What will you take with you if you have to leave your house (remember you cannot take a lot of things with you) and how will you help after the flood.
  • For extra information to help you you can read more on the link


A fire can break out at your house or at school or many other places.  It is very important to remember that in case of a fire you must try and stay calm and get out of and away from the building or the source of the fire.

image source

If you are at school or a mall there will be specific exits that you can use to get out of the building quickly.

Your school will have a siren that will go off and then you must quietly and quickly move to the different areas you are suppose to go to,  so that the teachers can see if everybody is present.

It will not help to run and scream, this will just cause chaos and you can get hurt in the process.

  • Discuss your fire plan that your school has.  If you are a homeschooler, draw up your own plan of how you will evacuate your house, where you will go and who you will phone.

And the ground shakes

Some of us live in areas where earthquakes occur and in some areas of the world we never experience an eartquake, or if it does occur it is only a slight tremor.


A lot of places will shake so much that houses and buildings will fall down or the waves in the sea will become huge or the land can crack open.


Nature is a force to be reckon with and we cannot always predict or prevent what disasters can occur, but we can be prepared to make sure that we stay safe to the best of our ability.

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