The Diary Game,July/12/2020 - Spend the Weekend in a Breath of Fresh Air

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Sunday, July 12, 2020...
During the day, after completing homework and preparing equipment for tomorrow's activities, as usual my family and I spend more time looking for fresh air by cycling paddy fields, and others.
Incidentally, I live close to the village, so it is better to look for a place that is fresh and pleasant.

I get rid of the virtual world a little even though the hand feels itchy so that sometimes glancing at # completes my post #the100daysofsteem for @steemitblog.

The blazing sun was quite intense even though the clouds were scattered in the sky. But the breezy wind and the splash of irrigation water and the whistling of leaves dancing along with the song of cendet and the beat of a little turtle entertained us as well as the sweltering farmers.




No other humans gathered, except for a few farmers who were taking care of rice in a distance.
In addition to the soothing atmosphere there are also some paddy animals that can be caught for later eating.

What children love most is catching small fish, usually called endols. This fish is indeed small enough so that only children who like to take the initiative to catch it as a medium of fun. How to catch it is also quite easy just by using just any container, so it is not difficult for children to do.
Children can freely run around dike, chase frogs or scoop small fish in the paddy field while enjoying the green paddy fields.
The vast expanse of green rice is an attraction for people in the surrounding area to spend the weekend enjoying fresh air.


To be honest ... I am a farmer's child from a village who used to love farming.
But after my parents sold their fields for my educational needs, now my family and I no longer farm.
Back to the post title...
Incidentally this time is the rice planting season in the rainy season. Of course, rice fields will be a fun vehicle to play and get healthy fresh air especially when the Corona pandemic is still worrying around us.

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Lhokseumawe, July/12/2020

@wira8788 By;



Hello @wira8788

What a beautiful place, it is important to go out and relax and these places are the best because you are in contact with nature, and apart from what time is the cultivation of rice and other foods.

Thank @rosz
Yes ... The green expanse stretches
Like a beautiful green carpet
Pamper the eyes
the clatter of irrigation water flowed
on each side of the trench
into a slick blend of village nature

Occasionally birds
Flying here and there
Waiting for negligence of farmers
So you can taste a little
Rice padinya that already contains

So real beautiful nature of the village
With the friendliness of its inhabitants
With rich produce
Reflecting the beauty of life
In simple
and warmth

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