Ordo coleoptera || Leptinotarsa decemlineata || The world of invertebrates!!

Today I repeat again with the same object in the past, the green beetle picture has made me fall in love with it, even though I have found them but today I found them again in a different place than before.

I am a macro photo hunter who now keeps my eye on the adorable little animals. I thought it was natural for me to find the same green beetle but in different places. Let's take a look at some of the cute green beetle styles I shot today.

Green beetles have become my best friends, so I can aim at them more closely without putting them threatened by me. 😎

How wonderful it would be if we saw this extraordinary situation. Blue beetle which in Latin is called the hyacinthum beetle. This beetle is bright green with black spots on its shell with a round body shape with long antennae on its head. It was very calm when I approached it.

You know, friends, beetles are a group of invertebrates which are one of the beetles that are very adaptable to rural environments or in free forests. This green beetle species is the same as the snail with a round body shape with a bright sparkling color. The difference between snails and green beetles is only from food, green beetles eat honey while snails eat mud. The beetle group is a very small animal, each of which has a characteristic feature of each color and shape. Invertebrate insects do not have a backbone, most insects walk, but some can fly and jump.

If we talk about the theme of photographing, maybe a lot of them are photography lovers, mushroom lovers, interesting insects, stock images, photofeed and others. It's all part of "Amazing Nature", I think that's the theme of the photo's destination. Therefore I am a part of it.

All these photos mine are taken by smartphone camera.!

Auto ISO camera resolution..!

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  • Location : Indonesian aceh forest
  • Image catcher : smartphone
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