Kanamachi-An Indian popular local game

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A variety of regional games have been practiced in different parts of India since ancient times. Sports are an essential part of a nation. To develop a nation, it is necessary to develop intellectually as well as physically fit and equally important. Although many games are not well-known at the national level, they are very popular in certain regions. Unfortunately, these traditional games are almost lost in the womb of time due to the aggression of social media.

Today I would like to talk about a very common and popular game of the time. Not too long ago, fifteen years ago this game was very popular in the villages of Bengal. Everyone, big or small, used to play this game together. The name of the game is "Kanamachhi".

This game does not require a certain number of people. The game becomes fun only if there is a minimum of 5 people. Boys, girls, men and women can all participate in this game and continue to participate.


Rules of the game:

  1. First a group of more or less 8 to 12 people is formed. After creating this group, an open space is selected to hold the game. This open space is the Kanamachi playground.

  2. Then one of those members is selected through lottery. He is called a thief. His eyes are completely tied with a piece of cloth. He has to be examined so that he cannot see at all.

  3. Then the blindfolded person is left in the middle of the ground with a twist once or twice. Then according to the rules of the game, the blindfolded person has to touch the rest of the people and say his name. If he is correct then the touched person will be a thief The thief is released. In this way the game is played for a certain period.

  4. The lesser of these thieves is considered the winner.

This game was not just a game. It was a bridge for boys and girls to build mutual friendship and love. So we have to keep this ancient traditional game alive for our benefit.