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If 'this post is hidden due to low ratings' that usually means one or two accounts voted against while all of the million+ others did not. Theres no safety risk, just 'click to reveal' the data, explanations, numbers and everything in the post(s) - Steemit is a bit peculiar, opinion weighs as much as your wallet ...

The less a writer discusses his work—and himself—the better. The master chef slaughters no chickens in the dining room; the doctor writes prescriptions in Latin; the magician hides his hinges, mirrors, and trapdoors with the utmost care.(Jack Vance)

Goldman Morgan,
the vaultkeeper of Tyrnannoght

  • So as this was developed as an internal wallet system without the need to spam your feed, back when the world was young, that's exactly how it works ... you can open up an account to play the game later by voting
  • after hf21 and before that after the great whalewar bringing the price down to under $1 and later under $0.5 there wasn't much of an extra service to it although i have always been sending the excess over the limit-by-voting back to the voters, the exact amount kept for morgan and given to the voter as playcoincredit is nda and
  • i think after months of downvoting now i had the very last account that had its time-limit reached so in essence i only have regulars (who are probably still on auto) and a few new ones who have a credit of zero (as a share of zero will always be zero), so the f2p-with-steemit idea has been fucked (or screwed if you cant stand that word)
  • i keep the posts running on auto since they're still used to open wallets but all there is (not very motivated i dare admit b/c its not worth the time for money , and yes, MONEY (indeed precious)) there is atm the house of morgan : https://tyrnannoght.eu/gm/ (but preferably come in through the frontdoor https://tyrnannoght.eu/ and use the appropriate buttons) , which i dont work on except one day per week (night ... few hours) tops for obvious reasons lol (the rest of the free time and clair moments are still spent on 'the game' itself ... at the house of morgan you can link your account which you opened by voting here into one of four types : client - player - trader - sponsor ...
  • the only thing available atm is crack-the-vault, which on win would always give more than you put in but in essence has a prize based on how many people tried and failed (otherwise it would be me giving free money out of my pocket for free to everyone trying, which is not my intention) - more minigames are on, but most will be focused on 'the main' site
  • the main game won't be live further than the original limbo demo until i have a custom web-client (which will be quite some work i think) but i will put up more minigames, hopefully i find ways to secure putting prizes in those but again : its not charity ... the idea is to put in less than i get out (i always thought that sensible)
  • there will be virtually no promotion other than posting on different media and
  • until further notice i'll just run the already programmed automated posts here, adapt them when i see fit to make the trouble for $0.00 :) and that is that for now

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the manual

the manual is no longer relevant im just keeping the link BECAUSE I PUT SO MUCH FUCKING WORK INTO THE PROGRAMMING ... way before your steem-engine and whatever but whatever, yea ..
v0.2 : the @goldmanmorgan manual

A round golden coin
in my palm lies so heavy
the metal of kings

all relevant info and links to other media can be found at steemit/@tyrnannoght (and maybe later hive/@tyrnannoght as a double)

but most of all on the totally non downvotable actual site :

related questions are limited atm through :

any questions about anything, you can drop a note on telegram at : https://t.me/tyrnannoght

any kind of abuse (spoofed email spam or anything at all), please drop a note to report at : https://t.me/tyr_abusereports

all copyright and wrong reserved : 1973-2150, Alleycat.be

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