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Hello I'm @emaeyakjames, I'm here to share how to create great content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is important to generate leads and sales for businesses.
However, many marketers and content creators find it difficult to create great content.
Here are things you can do better.

Be point-driven
Focus on the topic or idea you are writing. Remember your audience want a solution to the topic you are writing about. So go straight to the point and not dilly-dallying.
Keep your paragraph for easy scanning.

Your paragraphs should be short with enough whitespace in between them.
People don't come online for your textbooks so keep it simple to capture their attention.

Keep the language simple
Leave big vocabularies from Wole Soyinka or Adichie; your readers need no dictionary or thesaurus to understand your message

Write as you speak
Write like you are speaking to one person at a time — hyper-personalize your message.
Also, writing as you speak ensures your points flow like speech.
Do not be tired to read your content again
When you hit the submit button, your errors will turn off readers. More eyes on your content help you to perfect your content.

Read your work aloud
Reading your work aloud helps you notice wordiness or unnecessary words usage. Clip off excess words to increase the sharpness of your content.

Your content should be actionable
In content marketing, focus on your readers and not you. Listing your achievement is good, but the idea is to make readers practice your steps and gain results. Otherwise, you're just boasting.

Use related pictures
Pictures speak 10% of your content idea. And related picture helps to capture the attention.
Example, if I write about shoe production, I can use some pictures like below:

Pattern drawing



Ready to wear

Read your content like an audience
Position yourself as the audience and read the content to see if you have answered all the queries they have in mind.

Thanks for your time.

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Great post keep the good work 👌

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Hello @emaeyakjames Thank you for this wonderful content, keep posting this quality contents on #campusconnect

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Nice shoes

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