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Time management a factor in campus life

Time management is the process of organizing and planning how to allot your time between your specific activities. It is also the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day to effectively accomplish your goals. Good time management enables you to work smarter so that you will get more done in less time, even when time is tight and pressure is high. Poor time management can be related to procastination as well as problems with self control like improper use of cell phone. Failing to manage your time well hinders effectiveness and causes stress.

Effective of time leads to greater productivity and efficiency. It can also lessen stress and increase opportunities for advancement. You waste great opportunities to achieve important life and effective goals when you fail to manage your time effectively. Time management as well prevents undesirable consequences which lead to missing of deadline, inefficient work flow, poor work quality, poor professional reputation, a poor career and high stress level. Proper use of cell phones is not the matter of knowing everything about the cell phone but how you use it and be more productive for yourself.

Time management technique

  • My schedule:This is the entire day to day activities of life. Setting out activities of your day like where to go, what to do, the courses to read each hour that passes and stick to them. It is very important you schedule your time as a student to avoid unnecessary distraction from friends.

  • Things to do list: This is also the basic things to do. Activities organized by month, week, and day prioritized in journals.

  • Set goals that are realistic and achievable:
    Stop living in a world of utopian fantasy. Life is govern by principles, follow the principles of life by setting goals that are achievable and instigate the habit of hardwork to attain those goals. Have your long term and short term goals written down and list steps to achieving them.

  • Prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency:
    Know the task that are important with this method

  1. Very important and very urgent
  2. Less important but urgent
  3. Neither important nor urgent
  • Plan ahead: Don't procastinate. Set the plans and start working on them, always have plan ahead but have contingency plan.

  • Know your weakness: Know what works for you as a student, know the time that you assimilate easily and work with that. Some person's can understand when they read in the night, some early hours in the morning while some in the afternoon. Be yourself and know what works for you.

  • Know who you associate with: This is very important, friends can either mar or make you. Some friends are decievers that only come around when you set out time for important things with frivolities, be friends with everybody but choose your friends. Stay with people of good character that knows what they came for but don't be too serious with life, I say this
    because most successful people today were not doing very well while in school but outside school their skills paid off.
    You don't actually know the person that will be a stepping stone to your greatness.

The last but not the least

  • Have your leisure time: This entails exercising, meeting people, attending functions like birthday party and other good social gathering. Allow the school to pass through you as you pass through the school.


  • Know God: You might ask, what has time management get to do with God?
    Yes! it has alot to do with it because you might plan well, follow principles but not getting the right result. Grace has a alot to this, with your efforts added to Grace gives a less struggling life.


It is very important to plan one's work and that of the subordinates in an efficient manner.
At least one hour should be kept for thinking, introspection. "Time waster", make efforts to eliminate time wasting because time waits for nobody.


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You've fine an amazing work here sis, indeed one of the challenges students have is time management. Thanks for sharing this little piece, it's very helpful.

 11 months ago 

Thanks, I appreciate.

 11 months ago 

I have a particular issue with time management. Time spent on WhatsApp is underrated. I hope I improve.

 11 months ago 

Improving comes with determination.

 11 months ago 

Ineffective time managenent can make brilliant people fall. Setting goals that are realistic and are achievable is a very vital point, because most people would want to finish the whole world in one night class. This is very educative and all students ought to read it.
Nice post here.

 11 months ago 

Thanks so much

 11 months ago (edited)

Really true write up dear. Time and attention management are extremely key, yet extremely rare qualities that successful individuals possess

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Time management is one thing ever student should practice. It needs one to be disciplined

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